Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mom Williams comes to town!

She had to come visit her Grandkitties!!!
Here they are enjoying their new sleeping perch behind our couch :)
And she wanted to see Marissa too!

Girls night out at TWIGGS!!!
I was so grateful to have her help me in the yard! It's beautiful mom, I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks for coming to visit :) We love you!!!

Gondola Ride

As Spokane "Natives" the Spokane Falls Gondola ride is something we haven't ever experienced...until today!

Before take off

Still pretty full after all that darn snow!

Monroe St. Bridge

Keith and Mom
We made it back safe and sound from our short little trip over the falls.
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Sunday, June 21, 2009


A little over a month ago we got some new carpet, which meant we had to basically pack up like we were moving, and then we had to move it all back again! I had the genious idea that we should be a "no shoes" house with the new carpet and quickly took my shoes off mid furniture moving. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I was walking backward, then I stopped, but unfortunately the dresser didn't, and off came my toenail :( I dropped to the floor in PAIN as Keith ran to get a towel so the blood wouldn't get on the new carpet. Anyway, it didn't actually come all the way off and I've been waiting for it to fall off or reattach or something!!! I've already had one infection in it and I'm really hoping to avoid that from happening again! Recently it decided to start growing UP and therefore it was time to trim is down (again). I'm so sad that I can't get a cute summer pedicure, and that there is a chance I never will have a cute toenail ever again. Sad day :( But hey...now that it's short I can wear tennis shoes again maybe I'll start my summer workout plan!
Here it is waving hello to my blog readers :)

Leah and the kids make a quick visit

Maddy is movin' and groovin' all over the place--we quickly realized our house is NOT baby proof! Thanks for helping us clean up Maddy :)

Grandpa came to pick them up but not before a trip to River Front Park! Nothing like a little ferris wheel ride in the rain!

Maddy is a dancing queen!

Schuerman Kids are Cute!

Alli and Jeter after Alli's dance recital

Baseball trip to Lewiston
Rece is an important part of this umpire/coach meeting!

I introduced the kids to Sharps Burger Ranch and the really cool horse saddles!

Back in Spokane at Jeter's baseball game

Rece is helping Keith and Alex move our couch down to the basement. He "helped" the entire way!!!
Quincy turned ONE!!!

Happy Birthday Keith!

My wonderful husband turned the big 3-0 on June 11th (I know...it's the 21st, june is a busy month for us!!!). We celebrated at Swinging doors and DQ. Classy right? In case you didn't know, Keith is AWESOME! He is funny, smart, tough, sweet, patient, thoughtful, and the perfect husband (for me)! I love you Keith, I hope you have the best year yet :)

(he is poking my back in this picture)

Adam and Cary are REALLY excited about Keith's B-Day!

Jon is also VERY excited :)

The whole gang

The aftermath

Monday, June 8, 2009

my husband

Keith LOVES his new math shirt (a gift from his T.A.) --- look how excited he is!!!
You can't really read the speech bubbles so here is what they say...
pi says: "Get real," and the square root of negative one says: "Be Rational"
I don't really get it. But my super nerdy and totally cute husband does, and he thinks it's hilarious!

And here he is before graduation...look at how handsome he is! Cleans up nice, huh? Very distinguished :)
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