Tuesday, September 24, 2013

nom nom nom: 5 months

smiling gray/blue eyes. one drop of glistening drool always hanging on the edge of his chin. teething is near. everything, EVERYTHING, makes a visit to his mouth. he's exploring his world. first taste of rice cereal. loved every bite as it went in, and came back out again.  he'll happily go to anyone and hardly has a complaint. excitedly grabs onto toys and feels pride for his success. sleeps from 7:30pm-7am with a few wake-ups for the binky or a snuggle, and a 4am feeding. naps randomly. 5 months is awesome. so sweet, smiley, interactive, yet immobile. he flirts with me with his little baby sense of humor. adores Kendall. yelps with delight when Daddy comes home. WE LOVE THIS BOY.

their new favorite game

after school snuggles

Kyler and Mommy time, during Kendall's nap.

Creative Movement

Kendall loves to dance! 
Lucky for us, our beloved story time teacher just so happens to also own a dance studio. We all couldn't wait for Fall dance to begin!!! It's the perfect place for Kendall to fall more in love with dancing.

Avlynne & Ms. Jill
These mommies used to dance together at this same age!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Kyler's new trick

got it!

It can be frustrating when you don't grab what you were reaching for (or when you forget how to let go, and you are now stuck on your toy!)

but grabbing Kendall's hair is always worth the effort!

Start of school

Helping Mommy get her room ready for the year
 New, big girl, haircut
 Best buds and classroom helpers
 First day at a new daycare

 First day of school, the kids went to Mimi's (made it a little easier for mama). She surely wants you to notice the lipgloss she put on all by herself!

Our first day was a success! (Thanks to Ella for taking the pic! Since we were too busy rushing out of the house to get a before school one!)

sleepy summer

Having a newborn reminded me how much sleep (or lack of) becomes a part of your daily plans. In an attempt to remember Kyler was with us on all of our daily adventures, I tried to snap a pic of him, but he was always sleeping! Even our days at home revolved around nap times. I tried to get a few naps in myself and just enjoy this mellow summer. I also tried to use my time wisely when both kids happened to have overlapping naps. Here are my sleepy summer sweeties.
At Great Grandpa Dave's house

 Sleeping on the plane

Early summer naps in the bouncy chair

He's a happy napper

Even slept through 2 weddings

I love how Kendall ends up after she finally falls asleep

Kendall has a few friends she has to have with her for a quality nap