Saturday, November 2, 2013

6 months and mobile

Weight: 15lbs 7oz - 15%
Height: 26.5 in - 50%
Head: 17in - 50%
3-9 mo. clothes
blue eyes

Kyler is officially 6 months (almost 2 weeks ago now!) and I believe I stated somewhere that 6 months is my favorite age because they are immobile. I lied. Although Kyler can't crawl yet, he most certainly can travel wherever he darn wants to! He uses the scoot and roll method.
He arches his back like this and pushes his legs to scoot. ALL. THE. TIME. He's scooting the hair off the back of his head!
He also can sit and maintain stability for quite a while, and even reaches for things and stays sitting. When he tips over he usually rolls right to his tummy to grab the toy he's dropped and then to his back to start scooting. We brought out the exersaucer for him (and me, so that I can leave the room for a minute without worrying about where Kyler might end up).
His first of many tea parties
 He's becoming very independent in other ways, too. Like holding his own bottles! He takes one formula bottle a day while I'm at work in the mornings. He occasionally likes a few ounces of formula after I've nursed him in the evenings. I think I have a low milk supply at that time. He sometimes hits me or scratches at me to get more milk out---I wish I could make it magically appear :( This kid loves to eat!  He's also eating rice cereal 1 or 2 times a day and we've introduced avocado, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes. Tomorrow we're going to try bananas!

By this age Kendall (and many baby friends of ours) had dropped her 10pm feeding---but not Kyler! He still eats every 3 or so hours. He'll then "dream feed" and stretch from 10:30ish pm to 4ish am and stay asleep. So from 8pm-7am he is technically sleeping, with one short wake up just to say "hi," but not to eat. Lately though we've had a few legit full nights of sleep again...knock on wood, we are on our way to normal again! He can be quickly soothed back to sleep. Keith is better at helping him go back to sleep than I am (when I get him I think he smells the milk and then really does want to eat!). Although he's turned out to not be a great sleeper at night (from 2 months to almost 4 months he was sleeping through the night, which was a total tease)  he is a champion napper. He is totally a stomach sleeper. I'm trying to get over the stress this causes me. He totally stopped the swaddle cold turkey and now is in sleep sacks, which Kendall never used. We know he's tired when he starts making a sucking sound for his binky and rubs his eyes. I love that at 6 months now we are starting to know his signs and sounds that have meaning. Sometime during the 5th month we moved him into his own room which was really just the office. Not that we are selling the house we decided to make it more like a baby room and less like the office. So he now gets a real crib! and one baby wall decoration.  :) SOrry, buddy. I promise you'll get a super cool room in our next house.

Despite his new found independence he continues to be a snuggler. He has always burrowed his face into me and still does. I love it. He also gives hugs, kisses, and little tickles. And he is just the happiest, easy going, most tolerant little guy! His whole face lights up when just about anyone talks to him or smiles. But you should see how happy he gets when he sees Kendall! Oh my goodness! Watching their sweet little relationship grow is THE BEST EVER!!!

I just had to capture the leg rolls
just in case anyone had any impressions that he is perfect. he certainly knows how to wail!  Even when happy he likes to scream and squeal and explore the different sounds he is able to make.

Kyler we love you so much! You make us smile and laugh and really enjoy each moment. Thanks for being such an great baby :) We are so thankful to be your Mommy and Daddy!

I can't believe that we are half way to his first birthday---it's going incredibly fast, even faster than I remember it going with Kendall. But when I read back at her 6th month I realize how similar they are/were at this age. I know it's not fair to compare, but it is fun to here is a glimpse back at Kendall at 6 months old :)