Monday, May 31, 2010

How to create a country baby

In the past 10 days I have taken Baby Ross to two excellent country concerts! The baby really enjoyed them both and was perfecting dance skills inside me. Marissa came over for Lady Antabellum and Tim McGraw!
This is the view from our nosebleed seats :)
Thankfully I have a decent zoom on my camera!

Tim, you are so dreamy! Thanks for singing the perfect blend of old and new songs.

About a week later I had the opportunity to see Craig Morgan and Carrie Underwood with Keith's Aunt Joanna! These seats were MUCH better :) Thanks Joanna, what a special treat!

Hey Carrie, great show!
(I like to give personal shoutouts to the artists, just in case they are followers of our blog)

She put on an amazing show...tons of fun costume changes and cool stage changes. Here she is singing in the back of a flying truck! Flew right by us :) She also had a giant tree branch with a swing, and check out the video below to see her light show dress.

We're just hoping some of this talent will rub off on Baby Ross!