Monday, December 1, 2014

Knee walker

Our brave, rough and tumble guy turned 15 months during our busy July. He is 24lbs (68%) and is 32" tall (76%!),  he's wearing 18 month clothes (it seems like he skipped 12 months size all together!). He has eight teeth and 4 molars.

His favorite words and phrases include: tickle tickle (and fingers wiggling), "guda go" (let it go), ba (balls, and all things circular, even wheels), nigh nigh, mouw (cat sound), na (banana), pointing to things he wants and grunting.
He loves the water and it braver than I'm comfortable with so he is always in a life jacket or we bring over the pack and play.
 He is showing you his many owies he gets daily from climbing any and everything, jumping (falling) off of things that he climbs, and generally limiting his walking to his knees. He does take steps, but prefers shuffling around and getting totally dirty! And as you can see his favorite soothing activity is his bottle.
 dirty little feet from all his knee walking
 This guy can sleep just about anywhere that keeps him in motion. He will fall asleep before we even leave our neighborhood if he's close to a nap or bedtime. In this picture he had fallen asleep in the car to coscto and then transferred to the cart and slept for our entire shopping trip! He occasionally still naps in a swing when all else fails. But he's growing out of it quickly and will need to learn how to sleep in a bed that is not moving---ugh!
 His attention span has increased to 2 pages of a board book. Although sometimes he'll get to tinkering with something that will hold his attention. But generally he's a full blown tornado as he dumps every toy container, plays for a moment, then moves along to the next activity.
We are in love with this little one who keeps us on our toes all the time.