Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kyler David 2.5

sweet boy with a sweet tooth

Kyler continues to entertain us and make us smile every single day. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is a total flirt! Although he definitely flipped a switch toward the end of the summer. About the time he decided to speak in full sentences (with words we don't know) he become more of a "terrible" two year old. Still awesome, just a little more complicated and harder to please. His favorite word became NO and we've had a few full blown, throw-your-body-on-the-ground-in-hysterics, temper tantrums, and many difficult screaming bedtimes. He switches back and forth between being a total Daddy's boy, or a Mama's boy, and will exclusively want one of us to do EVERYTHING. He's currently needing his Mama.

Each day seems to get a little easier though as we figure out Kyler's language. He's getting so much clearer and more patient with us as we try and decode what he is saying. He'll pull us along by the finger to show or explain certain things. Or slow down what he is saying so we can understand him (or at least try). He uses tense little hand movements to emphasis what he's saying. He seems to be more mathematically inclined and loves to sort, order, count, and make comparisons. In August he was counting things saying "1, 1, 1, 1, 1..." then this fall he was counting up to 11, but always skipped 3 & 4. Now he can fluently count to 14 and occasionally does one-to-one matching up to about 5.

He never caught on to the potty training thing so we're going to give it another try later this fall. Every so often he shows some interest and gets pretty excited when he does go on the potty, but generally he refuses to sit on it and requests diapers. He's now in size 5, and I keep resisting buying more because I'm hopeful one day he'll just decide to stop needing them. Oh well! He's about 2' 10" and weighing in around 30lbs wearing 2T clothes.

One nap he woke up this way---oops, guess he knows how to take that diaper off! 

Some of his favorite phrases are:
-Tyler do it (kyler do it, K's are tricky to say!)
-No (which also sometimes means Yes)
-Want you (which means "I don't want you/it")
-Don't worry bout me (mr. independent)
-Daddy home!!! (every time the garage door opens!)
-Henno (Kendall)
-Bof (both)
-Big one, little one (about anything he's comparing or sorting)
-If you ask him how old he is he'll tell you he's 5, and he might even tell you his birthday is July! (oops!)
-time ago now (he doesn't doddle if you tell him we're going he's the first to find his shoes, get in the car, and gets frustrated when Mom or Kendall decide to keep chatting instead of get going!)

Obsessed with "moaning" the lawn

one example of how hard it is to be 2
He wanted the basketball cookie, but didn't want it to break (which is what happens with you eat something)

First go with swim lessons. He cried or ran away every time, but once he was in the water he loved it (mostly)

Hair cut #4

Visit with Great Grandpa Dave

Big boy on the plane with his very own seat (did NOT love wearing the seatbelt that he learned how to get out of)

Such a big boy! 

the after nap tears and snuggles---eased with a treat
I just love sleeping kid pictures!

First movie (Horton Hears a Who)

First time bowling 
He loves to golf with Daddy

Big boy rides at Silverwood

Dedicated at church by Papa John

Some of Kyler's loves include riding bikes, driving around all his cars and trucks, hitting/throwing/kicking balls, jumping, dancing, climbing any and everything,  and he is very resourceful in how and what to climb or use to get things done--uses books or trucks to turn on or off his lights! We adore this guy and in his best moments we think we might like to have a few more kids just like him because his personality is so endearing. Happy half birthday, buddy. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Start to summer 2015

Many mornings soaking up the sun in our backyard

Attempting big boy undies

enjoying more flowers

getting ready for the pool

going to farm chicks

sometimes potty training looks like this

pool time

road trip to Papa John and Grandma's while Daddy worked at the US Open

Portland Children's Museum was a huge hit

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium with Alison

Listening to Grandma's records

Kendall learned how to swing all by herself!

Swim lessons for Kendall upon our return home

Wrapping up Spring 2015

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the flowers in our yard!

And we're hoping to harvest some veggies this summer!

We adopted a pet dragon

3rd year of soccer tots for Kendall.

Mother's day with my little who made me a mother!

Wrapped up another great year at Primary Movement with Ms. Jill (who we all adore!)


Kendall and her friend Mia

The backpack in the new addition to his bed

Finished May with pink eye and an ear infection :(