Friday, December 30, 2011

A full and fun Christmas

 We have LOVED spending all these extra moments with Kendall over the break! She is at such a fun age and has been soaking in all that this season brings, and we have enjoyed watching through her eyes. She has taught us new dance moves to "Away in a Manger", all the characters in the manger scene are "babies," insists that the tree is lit, points to any and all "Dantas" (Santas), tells us that Santa says "Whoa Whoa Whoa," discovered a love of candy canes, and that anything white is "no" (snow). I know there is more that I can't think of right now...but, boy is she CUTE!

On to our break...(sorry,this is boring, but I have to write it down or I'll forget what we did year to year!)

The first few days of the break were spent cleaning and organizing the house and working on some craft projects so I could feel caught up on life a little bit. I even spent some time in my classroom getting organized there and ready for the next month (a teachers work is never done!). The goal was to get on top of it all so that Christmas could actually be relaxing. 

We spent Christmas in Spokane this year. Christmas Eve day we laid low at home and watched it snow! Kendall kept going to the window announcing "no, no" (aka snow, snow). Although we didn't get enough to get out and play in, it did make it feel just a little more like Christmas. Keith's Mom, Grandma, and Aunt joined us at church for a peaceful service of singing Christmas carols and listening to the cutest little girls recite the Christmas story. There wasn't childcare so Kendall ran free in the back of church and Keith lovingly chased her around so I could relax and participate in the service. :)

Christmas morning was spent with our little family of 3 exchanging gifts and teaching Kendall how to open them (she's practically a master at it now!). She was genuinely excited about everything she received, especially her books which she carefully read before moving on to other gifts. Grandma and Papa had shipped over a new "bike" for Kendall which she enjoyed riding backwards (hasn't mastered how to move it forward yet!). 

We ventured out to Keith's Mom's house for the rest of Christmas day where Santa had made a visit bringing Kendall her first real dolly (who she now gently kisses on the forehead!) and a stroller that plays music! We were all spoiled rotten by Bernie, whose love language is most certainly gift giving!!! 

The day after Christmas was a reorganization day to make sure the toys don't take over the house. We also packed up for a trip to my parents. We then flew to Longview for round 2 of Christmas. Kendall's Great Grandpa Dave was also visiting during our stay and Kendall loved all the extra attention from him and her Papa and Grandma. Of course we all exchanged more gifts and some of us used our gifts to go shopping for new boots! Keith and I finished our stay with a date night, while the 3 grandparents took care of dinner and bed time---thank you! All in all it was a full and wonderful break. We head home tomorrow and have 2 days to fit in our relaxing :)

 Watching Calliou on the iPod on our flight---it only kept her attention for 15 minutes!
 Loves her new Color Wonder!
 Flirting with Great Grandpa

 Grunting as she tears into the gifts!
 Kissing her baby
riding my childhood horse

I know you can't really tell by these pictures, we do actually dress our child in clothes other than pajamas! HA!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa Claus

Kendall wasn't diggin' Santa this morning at the annual "Breakfast with Santa." We weren't surprised because she generally doesn't like strangers all that much.  Although there was a glimmer of hope as she was pointing at him and saying "Danta," but the closer we got the tighter her grip on me was. There was no way she was letting us leave her with him so we have a family Santa picture this year. Here is a little video of her Santa encounter...notice she is very curious and looking for him as he pumped up the crowd.

And our little ham was all smiles again once we were home.