Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kendall's Big Surprise!

On July 15th I was minding my own business when all of a sudden the baby inside me started to show signs that it was getting ready to make its big debut. Around 3am on July 16th we headed to the hospital. Here are the final belly shots taken just before we left the house! Starting to look just a little uncomfortable...
Marissa came along as our support team---at 3am!!! Here she is after running home to get all the things we had forgotten as well as some Mcdonalds breakfast for Keith. I'm just enjoying my clear liquids breakfast--YUM! She was my sister and my nurse and this day wouldn't have been the same without her, so thankful for you Marissa! I can't wait to return the favor :)
After experiencing real deal contractions it was quickly decided that everyone would be happier and have more energy if I got an epideral---thank goodness!
About 12 hours after we arrived, and about 5 hours after the epideral, our little early bird arrived! We were expecting a little boy to be joining us later this month, but what a wonderful surprise that our little GIRL, Kendall, came on July 16th instead! How's that for parental instinct? Keith is my hero, he did everything perfectly, and continues to leave me in awe of how well he takes care of us both. I LOVE love LOVE him more than ever and think parenting together is going to be our best adventure yet.
Kendall Marin Ross
6lbs 9oz 20in
Isn't she the most beautiful baby girl you have ever seen??? Okay, I'm biased of course, but oh man are we so in love!!! Can't imagine any other baby---this one is OURS! Like we actually get to keep her...forever! It's all very surreal.
This is Dr. Hardy who is the most wonderful, kind hearted, encouraging, and thoughtful Dr! I felt so blessed he was able to actually deliver Kendall. He even came back to check in on us later that day and the next day!
Oh how quickly little girls wrap their daddy's around their fingers! Keith is smitten to say the least!
We think she is just a dream! A perfect baby in every way possible!
On our way home from the hospital on July 17th! Sort of a whirlwind but I guess that is just life from here on out!
Darn car seat!

Stay tuned for more.....

Friday, July 9, 2010

July...the month we'll become parents

With baby on the way we've had some extra motivation to finish up a few home projects since we know our life will just get crazier. Most of these projects have been inside (reorganizing EVERY nook and cranny, the big office overhaul, and of course the nursery---see below for pics). The biggest project has certainly been the back yard. The yard has actually been a continual project since we moved in 5 years ago. I wish I had a picture from when we first moved in, it was so messed up and gross, and one of each summer after. Each year we save up money to do something to make it look a little better. We feel confident that as far as aesthetics in the landscaping go we are finally DONE (except for a few fun extra plants or cute decorations! I won't be able to help myself!). Keith has worked SO HARD on our yard this summer, and I've been a great supervisor...he he he! I'm so proud of how it's turned out and so proud of Keith! Our next yard expense will most likely be a sprinkler system, but that may have to wait for another year so we can save up again. Either that or a swing set! We'll see how irritated Keith gets moving hoses around this summer, could move up that project date.
We have a place to sit and visit, a place to eat, a place to lounge in the sun, a place to play in the grass, and most importantly a place to roast marshmallows! Notice the little fire pit area in the far corner? We're glad it's finally getting warm so we can use it!

Other July pics:
A beautiful rainbow for Erik & Laura's wedding up at Schweitzer.
Early morning up at Deer Lake on the 4th of July.

The nursery is complete! I can't wait to put a baby in it!
The culminating nursery project:

As I was searching the web for the perfect nursery wall quote, I found some very fun wall art which inspired THIS cute little branch and birdie. I spoke with my friend Kara, who is a wall art goddess, she gave me a few tips and she loaned me her projector.  I found a sticker that was just perfect, and simple enough that I felt confident I could actually paint it on the wall. I went to work---never mind the odd hours that this project just had to get done in or the panic in my voice when I was told it would have to wait! I"M NOT CRAZY, I"M JUST NESTING.
Last week Keith and Marissa were worried about what other crazy ideas might pop in my head that I just couldn't deny...there were quite a few, but I think the nesting has slowed down a little this week and they can rest easy I won't be recruiting them for any more heavy lifting,  furniture building, or complete reorganizing 
(at least not today).