Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm avoiding the 11 month post

If I don't blog about Kyler getting older he'll stay a baby, right? I love watching Kyler reach all sorts of new milestones and getting older and more interactive each day. I find myself looking forward to the stages I know are just around the corner. Yet, at the same time I can't allow myself to believe that he is only one month away from being ONE! My memories of pregnancy are still so vivid, it feels unreal that that part of our life was more than a year ago. One year ago I was preparing for conferences as well as setting up my students to finish the year out with my fabulous long term sub. I was huge, and feeling ready to kick my feet up (finish the proteach) and wait for the baby. Now I'm playing chase with an 11 month old little boy! TIME FLIES is an understatement!

he claps

he sleeps

he swings

he climbs

he cries

did I mention he climbs?

he drools

he eats

he cruises

he's growing!!!

Kyler is our busy baby. He rarely sits still. I've never seen a baby crawl as fast as Kyler, I am always shocked to see where he has climbed, and he can throw his body out of your arms! I don't even know how to baby proof for him other than to just be with him all the time and intercept. He's been cruising along furniture and finding his balance to stand for a few seconds. We have to wrestle him to change his diaper or clothes. He usually screams bloody murder the whole time. His new favorite game is to pick up and throw a ball, then crawl after it and throw it over and over again. He can totally entertain himself!  When he likes what he does he claps for himself. It started out by hitting his legs, but quickly turned into real clapping. 

He'll also clap anytime he hears a clap sound (even when it's coming from the TV, like during the Oscars!). I love that he starts to anticipate things. He really knows patty cake, farmer rides, this little piggie, and peek-a-boo. When we read books he helps me turn all the pages. He can identify his family, like if I ask where Kendall is he'll look at her or crawl to her. When I pick him up from daycare his face lights up and he quickly comes to me laughing and squealing. Sometimes his love for me comes in the form of a bite. I was the only one he bit for a long time, but lately he's take a bite out of Keith, Kendall or Bernie too. 

He can also be so sweet. He loves to snuggle when he's tired, gives "hugs" to Kendall (likes to rip her face off), and flirts like crazy! When he is falling asleep he makes this funny little moan, and when he is fast asleep he appears to be sucking on his tongue. Maybe because he gave up the binkie cold turkey! He is so adventurous that I sometimes put him in the swing just to get him to fall asleep because I worry if I leave him awake in the crib he'll jump out.

He only spits up ever once in a while now (so great!) and still eats like a champ. He loves turkey and bananas best. He likes to feed himself and even can do his own squeeze pack (but gets super messy). But despite all the extra calories he still wakes up for a night feeding. UGH! Just when I think we've got him back to sleeping through the whole night he tricks us into feeding him again. I have no idea what his stats are but he has to be in the 20's for weight now. He has rolls for days and my arms are sore after packing him around for very long. 

He is still cutting teeth slow and steady. I wish he could just get the rest of them in and we could move past teething. He has his 5th tooth and I think the 6th one is just about here.

He says Mama more and more now. Mostly when he needs something! Go figure! Dada is his go to word for most things, but you can tell a slight difference in the word when he is talking to or about Keith. Another word I'm pretty sure he is actually saying is "yeah." It's always in context! He'll say Ba for bottle and has a few other district sounds that I can't quite pin down a word for. 

He is a delight! He is still very even tempered and happy 99% of the time. He puts up with a lot from sister and I think that has made him tough and tolerant of a ton! The poor kid doesn't know any different. We love him like crazy and are excited for his future while we savor his baby-ness. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kendall Conversations #3

-"Mommy, I need to talk to you about something. Why do some scones have frosting and some don't?" 
-As a reward for making good choices, Keith took Kendall to the Frozen sing-a-long at the theater! When asked what she hoped her next reward would be when she fills up her marble jar again, she enthusiastically replied "Groundhog's Day!!!" Well, she's going to have to earn A LOT of marbles before tomorrow, otherwise Groundhog's Day is called off.
-"Mommy, I'm gonna need some chips for my block-a-mole I made!"
-aunt Kelli, you're pretty just the way you are
-"I made you some ingredients for dinner! I put spinach in yours mom, but not in dad's cause he said no thank you to spinach. "
-"Kendall, I know it's time for a rest because of the fit you are throwing." "I'M NOT THROWING A FIT! I'M THROWING TOYS!!!!!" And she is SOUND asleep within minutes!
-I think I'm engaged to Quincy
-"Mommy, my tummy's hurting" said Kendall. I respond (knowing she's just fine) "Oh no, what is it feeling like?" "Well, kinda like it needs some candy cane and a movie."
-I just had 2 poopies come out at the same time! Quincy taught me that.
-"You make pretty good popcorn, Mom. And I didn't even help you!"
-"Mom, Kyler's happy. His happy makes me happy." (November)

Our normal bedtime routine
Whoever wrote this article about putting toddlers to bed must be spying on us. I cried laughing when I read it. I want to be able to find this article again when Kyler is in this stage. Or when my sister has kids and needs to know that all toddlers are a little crazy.

Livin' at Lanny's

We have been incredibly blessed to have Keith's dad's house to stay in after we sold our house and went house hunting. We've been able to keep the cats with us, have had minimal expenses, a lot more space than if we'd moved to an apartment, and we liked our new neighbors and their 3 daughters (Kendall has been in heaven and I think wishes she was in their family). Now this time is coming to an end as we will be closing on our new home at the end of the week. YAY!!! Living here has made us all really appreciate the space and the things we've grown used to having. The house itself isn't a bad space, it's just not ours and we're starting to feel a little cramped. We've had to reconfigure sleeping arrangements, adjust to living with less and out of bins and boxes. We've "enjoyed" the decor, but are ready to go back to our simpler style. It's been super easy being a hop, skip and a jump away from Keith's family, but our new house is a good balance between all the people and places we love. I know we will always look back fondly on this funny transitional time. But friday just can't come soon enough! We are excited and ready to start making memories in the house we will hopefully live in for a long long time. Cheers to new adventures!

Who let her out of the house?

Kendall has a unique sense of style. We've learned it's easier to just go with it. At some point she'll be self conscious enough to dress normally. Until that day, we are capturing her best outfits and posting them on the blog for everyone to enjoy.

pants are always optional, rain boots go with everything, pajamas are acceptable anywhere, princess gowns count as dressing nicely, helmets are a perfect accessory.

Friday, February 28, 2014

10 months fast

 10 months has gone by SO FAST and Kyler, at 10 months, is SO FAST! I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we are 2 months away from having a one year old. This whole year has been speeding by and I am just trying to keep up. As with his 9th month he has really taken off when it comes to ability and personality. Here are some of the highlights that I don't want to forget.
*4th tooth popped down a few days after he turned 10 months. 2 days after that he fell face first into the coffee table (the hazards of learning to stand). I wasn't too concerned until the gum around that brand new tooth was all puffy and bruised. We took him to the dentist to see if everything was ok, and it was. We'll be taking him back in to check the tooth's growth next month. Not too much we can do if it is damaged but they wanted to check it so we can be watching for any changes or notice any pain. 
*He pulls up on any and everything. He has no fear. He also has no balance. 
*He likes to wave both hands at the same time. It's so cute. 
*He started testing out different proteins including meat and beans. He doesn't seem too interested in the meat but LOVED beans. Turns out they aren't so easy to clean off of skin once they have dried. Bean night now happens on bath night. 
*Starting to out grow the constant spit up stage (which seems so much longer than I recall with Kendall)
*After getting the throw up flu he regressed to major spit up. For about a week at least once a day he would cough and gag and blow chunks. I did a lot of laundry.
*The flu also caused us to regress with the sleep progress we'd made. To reduce the throwing up we went back to smaller and more frequent bottles, and now he seems to think he needs to eat all night long again. BOOOOO.
*We are mastering the art of fast diaper changes. Kyler hates diaper changes and tries to escape them. We can pin him down with our legs or just let him pull up on a near by table and change him while he stands.
*He is a toy dumper! This is a trait I'm learning is very much a boy trait. See a bin of toys and one must empty the bin to investigate all the toys to pick the best one. The testing usually involves hitting the toys together and tasting them. If he has a toy that Kendall wants (or something he's not supposed to have that we have to take away from him) he gets super mad when we grab it. He used to be fine if we replaced it with a different toy, but now he really knows what he wants and lets us all know. 
*He has the sweetest high pitch yell! Fun places to test it out are restaurants, stores, any place that people around us might prefer it to be quieter. Including me in the car while I'm driving. 
*He is such a happy guy, almost always smiling and laughing. He throws his hands in the air with joy. We can't remember what our life was before he was here. He makes me smile and laugh every day. Sometimes he is so happy we forget that he still needs to eat and sleep! He's the best!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine's Day Balloons...

are magical


Kyler is now 9 months old and officially been part of our (my) life for 18 months (9 in and 9 out). SO CRAZY! I've been jotting down lots of little tidbits to share in this post, but am just now sitting down to blog (and now another week later I'm finishing it up--sorry Kyler!). My day time is spent chasing him all over and my night time is spent catching up on all the things I didn't get to because I was chasing him all over during the day! Anyway, I have to squeeze it in before he turns 10 months next week. Oh my!
trying to escape

This has been a very productive month for our little man. He's reached several huge milestones. The most noticeable one being he CRAWLS. He started out the month with a double knee crawl using mostly his arms to get around. But it increased in speed and agility quickly. He is now able to sprint crawl, especially if he spots an electrical cord unattended, one of our furry friends (who he just discovered!), or a crumb of something unknown on the floor. His core strength is amazing to me as he can go from a laying down position to sitting like it's nothing.

All the drooling finally paid off and Kyler sprouted 3 teeth this past month! And now he can chop down on puffs and rice rusks like a pro. Once those bad boys poked through we started to get (a little) more sleep at night. He is able to sleep from 8pm to 6am, with one wake up, but with a short bum pat we can usually get him back to sleep. But that is just what we know he is capable of, not what he does every night. But it's a treat when he does! He loves to make drooly sounds as he tests out these teeth. As far as his "vocabulary" he mostly just says dada, but occasionally throws in a gaga. He CAN make the 'ma' sound, but if I ever try to encourage it he laughs and goes back to "dada dada" (so he has a sense of humor I guess!).
bottom teeth came in first

then the top one

In addition to his sense of humor, we've noticed more and more of his little personality developing. He is an investigator! The way he examines things and toys it's as if he really wants to know how they were constructed. He loves to spin the wheels on his play car, and carefully take out every piece of doll house furniture and tests each one out in his mouth. Of course, this task has to be completed during Kendall's nap time. He is also very playful and does the most adorable two handed backwards wave and just started initiating peek-a-boo.

He started growing out of certain 9 month clothes and into a few of his 12 month outfits. I think if I wasn't sad about him growing up I might have moved him all the way to 12 month clothes. He is 18lbs and 14oz putting him in the 40th percentile, he is 28.25 inches tall (45th%) and his round noggin measures 18inches (70th%--WHOA!). The kid loves to eat. He hasn't said no to any food we've tried. He can pound a bottle and will do so every 3 or 4 hours. He still spits up a bit, but it seems to be getting better. If we don't get a really good burp we are guaranteed to get an eruption. His eyes remain blue, and his hair seems to be getting darker as it gets longer (in a few spots).

This has been the most fun age thus far, albeit a busy one! I know is just gets better and better and I can't wait to see what the next stages bring. We love you Kyler!

Hanging out with his buddies Carter and Scarlet

Having a blast with double bath nights

last night in his first house

so big!

so wild!