Saturday, June 14, 2014


One year ago I was not so patiently waiting to meet this sweet little one. ONE YEAR AGO? NO! That was not a full year. I sure don't know how it's possible that Kyler is one! But he is. We of course relived those funny days leading up to Kyler's arrival and the craziness of how fast he came once he decided it was time. I love how my kids births are forever imprinted in my brain like they JUST happened. I love the connection I feel to them.
Oh, isn't he just the SWEETEST!?! 
This darling little guy turned ONE in April. I am in shock. Kyler, on the other hand, is fully embracing his one year old status. He is adventurous, flirtatious, hilarious, and mischievous.  

He says Dada best, and occasionally teases me with a solid Mama (but has his own little version of Meghan (sort of a "May-ah") that he likes to YELL at me, especially if i'm not getting his food or bottle ready fast enough). He says Ba for bottle and ball, uh-oh when he CHUCKS his food off the high chair tray, he answers questions with "yeah", and once I'm certain he called Kendall "sissy". 

He can clap and dance and sing and splash and throw and chase and stand and cruise and bite (me mostly) and climb and snuggle and sleep (just started sleeping through the night when we moved to the new house).

(At Dider's for his birthday dinner)
He'll try anything once and only likes to eat when he can feed himself.  He loves fruit and noodles best. He has 6 teeth (and now in June he actually has 8!) 

He is a healthy boy weighing in at 22lbs and 28inches long. He is wearing 12-18 months clothes and size 4 diapers.

Changing his diaper now is like wrestling a greased pig. He poops all the time. Immediately he reaches down to "help" me when the diaper comes off. 

He loves flirting with strangers with his happy blue eyes. He will play with any kid, but also plays alone really well. 

We love this little guy. 
Happy birthday, Kyler!

Easter 2014

Cute little bunny

Baby chicks she'd been eyeing at craft stores all month

After church we went to Bernie's neighborhood egg hunt

Scoping out the eggs. Making her game plan.

She's off! 

Totally "got it" this year

She got more candy than all her cousins!

Friends from when we lived here

Our happy guy

Preferred to just throw the eggs

Happy Easter!