Sunday, November 18, 2012

Whose kid is this?


It's common for people to say, or ask parents,  who they think their child looks most like. We get it all the time! We think she's such a blend of both of us that it's difficult to say for certain. Although Kendall has more similar colorings to me, she has many facial expressions that are totally Keith. But who Kendall's like is so much more than how she looks. Lately  Keith and I have been noting certain traits we keep seeing in her that are "just like us". Which are nature and which are nurture?

Just like Keith: Kendall LOVES to sing and she's actually pretty good and can often carry a tune! She is a planner. She asks us each morning "where we going?" and before we leave her room at night she goes over the plan of what we'll be doing after we leave her "you gonna feed the cats, help Daddy, get the neighbor dogs to be quiet, do stretches, and go to bed?" She wants to know the plan for the day and will go over it with us throughout the day (especially if we deviate from the plan). That reminds me, Kendall has an incredible memory, much like her Daddy. Surely this will keep us accountable for better or for worse throughout the years! A few other little things are that she loves to eat cereal for any meal and drinks up all the milk, she generally prefers to sleep on her side, shouts out weird sounds, and enjoys extended trips to the bathroom!

Just like Meghan: Kendall LOVES to read just for fun and doesn't need a lot going on to be content. She can be slow and cautious and rarely jumps into something without testing it out first or checking in with Mama or Daddy. Sometimes this is purely how she procrastinates (another wonderful trait she inherited from me). Her best procrastination happens at bed or nap time "I need a drink of water," "I have to need a go potty again," "I have a question," "one more book please," "but but but but PLEEEAAASSSE!" Okay, sounds like she can be a bit overdramatic or emotional, too. Darn it, THESE are the greatest ways she is like her Mama! Kendall, like her Mama, can't stand hair in her face or anything touching her neck. On a positive note, she also has a serious sweet tooth (oh wait, is that positive?).

Mostly we think she is Kendall, a 2 year old with her own opinions and methods of doing things. We love how verbal (and vocal) she is and are constantly laughing at what she comes up with. Most recently she's been saying "seriously!" at the end of her sentences. And throwing in fun words and phrases like "wonderful," and "in the mean time."  We love each trait she has---simply put WE LOVE HER!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I don't want to forget this

I never want to forget the funny little things that Kendall has said at various ages.  So I've got little phrases and stories on sticky notes and old receipts all over the place and I finally collected some of the recent ones here on the blog so I can have them forever. I know there is so much more that I've already forgotten as she quickly learns the right way to say things. For example,  I kept meaning to get a video of her singing "You are My Sunshine" because she said "when skies are GREAT (instead of gray) " and "You neber know dear, how much a lob you." But now she sings it all just the right way. Of course it's still adorable in her squeaky toddler voice.   So, here are just a few.

These were from the Summer until now:

 "no touch it mommy" (when she wants to do things herself)

Kendall's favorite phrase lately is "I do it myself!" and today she would't let me help her put on her panties...she first put both legs in one hole "deez too tight, I try a new ones" and the next pair she puts on backward and had an intense wedgie, "deez too tight, I try a new ones." 3 pairs later and some sneaky help from mom she finally has them on comfortably!

"no worry mommy"

"I okay, that's okay"

"I proud a you"

"My bottom burped" (after she tooted)

"Swim soup" = swim suit

"Lawn moaner" = lawn mower

"I spilled" when she has a pee pee accident

"I have to need a go potty"

"I do it"

"Open meal" = oatmeal

"Just a sec"

"I like your baby" (as she cuddles my stomach)

And here are some pictures from the last month that also capture who Kendall is at 27 months old
playing doctor

collecting leaves

a budding artist

long hair (in the back)

Afternoons with Ella


lover of sweets!

Big girl bed!!!

Practicing for Halloween

Always silly---even on the potty!

Rebecca & Jeremy's Day

Totally surprised to see Cora! 

2/3 of the Graves Girls---don't worry Jeremy, we're working on a few more friends to join you,  William and  Zoe for "round 2."

"he likes me mommy"


3rd annual Johnson/Ross kids pic (1st, 2nd)

If she was at the door with the big kids she was happy to say "Trick-or-Treat" but when alone at a door she'd say "I need more candy please!"

For the 2nd year in a row we went to the Strate's neighborhood to trick-or-treat. This year although Kendall actually understood the whole concept she was not as fast as the older kids whose understanding is a little deeper  (the faster you go, the more candy you get)! 

New Job Title

Big Sister!!!
Job begins April 23rd, 2013

Before the snow came

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow Suit

We were fooled into thinking it was still September because of the unseasonably warm November days we've had, and just like that nature switches it up on us, and now it feels a lot like January! Our little munchkin has been talking about the snow for a while now (hard to believe she actually remembers it from last year!) and I've never seen her work so fast at getting ready to get out the door! On this particular outing she left without a few essential snow items---so instead of getting her dressed or preventing her from heading out---I grabbed the camera!

Monday, November 5, 2012


I've never really been a "shoe girl." I mean I like them and all, I just don't have a ton, or care to spend much money on them (unless they are practical, like my danskos).  But something about little shoes just gets me! I have LOVED finding cute shoes for Kendall (especially when they are on sale, or show up in our hand-me-down bins!). Our shoe basket was overflowing as she is transitioning sizes yet again, so tonight we played "The Shoe Game" and tried on each pair and decided if they fit or not. This collection of out grown shoes is my favorite so far in her shoe life time. These shoes were worn by my toddler, with her ever emerging personality and independence. These shoes are the ones that SHE chose to wear, and put on by herself each day this summer and early fall. They are the most worn out of all the shoes she's ever had. They were well loved (by both of us!) and therefore seem to hold special meaning to me as we tread deeper into toddlerhood.