Monday, February 18, 2013


A coworker who has been out most of the first semester came back to school recently and excitedly hugged me and said “oh, you’re expecting, how wonderful!” In that moment I realized how much I prefer that word to “pregnant.” Maybe because of who said it and the endearing tone she used, or maybe I just like it better. Ever since then I’ve been thinking about all that the word expecting really means for me and this pregnancy. 

Expecting: to anticipate or look forward to.

We are certainly looking forward to meeting this busy little one and the anticipation is building as we finish up the 30th week already! WOW! I feel torn between wanting it to hurry up so we can meet our new baby, and wanting it to slow WAY DOWN so I can get a little more on top of life before we get thrown into the beautiful chaos of newborn land. I do feel a bit guilty though, as I’ve spent less time tracking the progress, reading every book that exists on the subject of pregnancy, and savoring each new experience this journey brings. Life is just a little different this time around. I know the whole parenting experience will continue to be an evolving adventure and it’s just not fair to compare. So I’ll have to let go of my expectations of keeping things equal and try to remember what has made this pregnancy unique. 

Being that this is my second pregnancy my expectations have been different. Well, really I just HAD expectations this time around, whereas last time I had no clue what I was getting into! I expected to feel nauseous for the first 20 weeks. Luckily my low expectation was off, and I only had to endure “morning sickness” (AKA all day sickness) from 6-16 weeks this time. Bonus points for baby #2! I then expected to immediately jump from nausea to major heartburn...once again bonus points for baby, as I didn’t get heartburn until more like week 25, and it hasn’t been constant. Both of these pregnancy symptoms had me nervous to jump on the pregnancy band wagon again, but I think I was more prepared to tackle them this time around. Based on my last pregnancy I wasn’t expecting to need my maternity clothes until close to 20 weeks, however by 8 weeks I was already using a rubberband to keep my pants up since I couldn’t quite button them. And it became difficult to hide my belly, so we began telling our friends and co-workers by 10 or 12 weeks. I kept asking my dear friend Krista if she had “outgrown” any clothes as she neared the end of her pregnancy! Even with the expanding belly coming so soon I wasn’t expecting to feel baby move until 20 weeks, but I actually think I started to feel baby as early as 13 weeks! I didn’t believe it at first, but soon it became clear that I really was feeling baby (and not strange gas bubbles)---such a wonderful feeling! And boy does baby love to move, all hours of the day and night. Lucky me, I always know that baby is there! One day I tried to track the “kicks” and it was about every 1.5 hours for 10 to 20 min each time. My tummy was visibly moving by 20 weeks and now I catch it JUMP out of the corner of my eye. When the doctor listens to it’s heartbeat baby always kicks or pushes back. Early on, I could always feel baby move a ton when I was in a sitting position as if to say “Hey, you’re invading my space!” Baby is extremely low  and loves to test the strength of my bladder. I’m so thankful to have a part time working schedule because I am WORN OUT every day. I don’t remember being so exhausted last time, but I also was able to come home and totally veg out, and this time I have a fun 2 year old to keep me on my toes. I’m fortunate that she still takes a decent nap most days, during which time I usually try to get a nap in, too. I had visions of that nap time being super productive for school or my pro-teach, but the fatigue always wins! This pregnancy has me craving Arby’s Classic Roast Beef sandwiches, and I generally lean toward salty vs. sweets. That is so not me! I love chocolate, and last time I couldn’t get enough strawberries. Hey, they say you crave what your body needs---I can’t fight it---Arby’s it is (perhaps contributing to the faster growing belly???). The most challenging part of this pregnancy has been SLEEP! In the beginning I was getting up a lot to use the bathroom or get something to eat and then it would take forever to fall back to sleep. I thought by the 2nd trimester I would get caught up but I still had occasional sleepless nights. And now I'm back to peeing and eating at all hours and struggling to get comfortable and fall back to sleep. The best part of this pregnancy, that I truly love, is experiencing this journey through the eyes of a toddler. Kendall tells me daily “Mommy, I love the baby in your belly.” For a while, early on, she also believed she (and Keith for that matter) had a baby in her belly. Now she knows there is only one in me, and she'll say things like "I can do ____ cause I don't have a baby in my belly." Kendall also seems to be under the impression that this baby is a girl (which we won't know until birth) and that we will be naming the baby Caillou (shocker---it's NOT on our list of possible names). She'll be heartbroken, but only for a bit. We actually don't have our names secured yet. We're fairly settled on the boy name, but are open to suggestions for the girl name. I even have a boy outfit chosen for coming home, but not a girl outfit---mother's intuition? Generally it's been an uneventful pregnancy, for which I'm grateful. If I can just fight off this nagging cold/cough I think I can totally hang for the next 10 or so weeks.  Hard to believe it, but just 10 weeks left in this state of expectation. 
15 weeks
17 or 18 weeks
20 weeks
Baby Ross 20 weeks

28 weeks (Kendall wanted a belly picture, too!)

30 weeks

Saturday, February 2, 2013


I was organizing pictures on the computer and saw a few from one year ago when Kendall was 18 months old. I remember so clearly how old she felt to us at that age, like a real toddler! But now I look at her and think "no, THIS is a real toddler, she was still a baby at 18 months!" Her personality is still just as vibrant as it was at 18 months, but she now has the ability to articulate all that sass. She blows our minds with the information she absorbs and later recites, her precise memories of events we've experienced, as well as her active imagination. I wish my memory was as strong as hers, but it's not! So, I just have to blog about who she is right now so I don't forget. I wonder what we'll think when we look back at this post next year?

The Conversationalist: We carry on legit conversations---the two way kind! For example, when I take her home after school each day, she and I talk the whole way about what we did, what we'll do when we get home, and negotiate what to make for lunch. She asks questions too, and makes connections about her day to other things we've done or are going to do. It's so much fun. She utters phrases like "and also..." or "don't you think?" and "I sure do!" Outside of the house (until she warms up) she may seem shy, but she is NOT! The other day the Rosauers checker helped us to the car and was trying to strike up a conversation with Kendall, who just stared at her blankly. As soon as we got in the car she says "I felt scared of Lauren, I didn't want to talk with her!" But when the cable guy or plumber come into our home she can't leave them alone "hey man, what you doing there?"

Miss Independent: She is one capable kid! Her small stature doesn't stop her from much. She uses her stool to reach WAY more than I ever imagined she'd be able to find. She also drags heavy chairs long distances if the stool doesn't cut it. She even figured out that her princess wand can be used to reach her bedroom light switch. She enjoys climbing in and out of the car seat without any assistance (I'm learning patience) and often requests to help do the buckle. She sits at her little table for every meal and occasionally sits at the big table, too---no more high chair to keep her in one place! It can be challenging to keep her focused on eating. We've been using the strategy of "two more bites, because you are two" to get her to finish things (she hasn't figured out that we say 2 more bites about 10 times!) but she now pulls that on us "I need two cookies, cause I two!". Generally she's a good eater and can do it all by herself, and is even learning to take her done dishes to the sink. She finally mastered the tricky shirt and can get herself totally dressed and undressed! Occasionally she comes out from playing in a totally new outfit, and sometimes it even matches! And lastly, if left alone in the bathroom she will wipe herself with half a roll of toilet paper.

Imaginative: to Kendall, anything can be a phone. She usually "calls" Quincy or Liam and has animated conversations with them recounting her day, or the last thing she remembers doing with them. She can hold the phone and carry her babies at the same time! She is totally into playing Mommy to all her babies. She's always loved babies (real or dolls) but lately it's at a whole new level. Perhaps, because she's excited about our little bundle on the way? She changes diapers, feeds, hires babysitters, takes the babies to "Target" and "Starbucks," and puts the babies down for a rest A LOT! We hear ourselves in a 2 year old voice during this process. "It's okay Baby, I'll get you some water, just one more book, no more talking, go back to you room, please go to bed now." Her newest imaginative game involves her cape and figuring out how to really fly. She zaps words and rides a "why rider" to solve problems.

Crafter: Kendall loves to create and do "pwojects." She paints or colors at least once a day. She usually starts by declaring who she is making it for, but then she has a hard time letting go of her pieces and I'm left figuring out where to keep them all (not a good job for a sentimental clutter bug). I got her a little pink mail box and she has been stamping, stickering, and drawing valentine's like crazy! Along with this, she loves to help Keith and I on any little project we might be working on. It might be cooking a meal, hanging a photo, doing laundry, cleaning up (her face lights up when we vacuum and she runs to get hers to help!), or even paying bills!

Little love: She spoils her loved ones in affection! We hear "I love you" or "I like you" dozens of times a day. And oh the snuggles, hugs, and kisses! My favorite is when she grabs my cheeks and pulls me close to plant a wet one (or 20!). It's non-stop, and we can't still can't get enough! She's especially snuggly when she wakes up. She now kisses and hugs the baby in my tummy and we are certain that this new little one will be the recipient of Kendall's abundance of love and sweetness. We just hope she'll be okay with whatever gender baby is, and not be too mad with us when we don't name the baby "Caillou."

Fun facts: Kendall wears mostly 2T clothes now, only requests to drink water and if we require milk it has to be flavored, her favorite food is noodles (plain or cheesy), she is fully potty trained (even at night), can't sleep without kitty and blanket, usually takes a 2-3 hour nap and sleeps for about 9-10 hours at night (might be longer if we didn't have to wake her up to leave in the morning), and loves Dora and Super Why.

Meeting baby Kynlee

Measuring everything
Can you see the sass!?!

Really loves playing my Kindle
Which allows time for me to make the mullet adorable!

Sharing affection with Aslan---he is a happy recipient!

A budding artist--in good artistic company.

Chatting up one of her customers

Lovin' on Liam

pretending to swim in a pool

One of our projects
In baby heaven with Finn and Zac

Using her imagination at Mobius

Mastering some gross motor skills (we've got some work in this area!)

Look at this big girl! 

Super K attempting flight!