Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ho ho ho

Kendall loves Santa, she's been talking about him for months! The time came to go sit on the big guys lap and she FROZE---we didn't even try to put her up there alone. As we were walking up the stairs her body took a death grip on mine and she started begging that we go together. Her big Christmas wish was for a candy cane and she was too scared to even ask (sadly this Santa gave us pancakes and not candy canes).  Despite her fears of Santa she had a great time doing all the "big kid" things like decorating a foam tree with stickers and getting a balloon animal. So once again I bring you our family Santa picture (last year).

GG and her Great Grandkids!

Mimi and her Grandkids!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Giving Thanks

This year we hosted both sides of our family for Thanksgiving (hadn't done the whole shebang in 5 or 6 years!) and we loved having all of our family together---not to mention Kendall was in Heaven having ALL of her cousins over! Each day leading up for thanksgiving she'd ask if it was time for her cousins to come. It was a quick trip for my folks, but so nice to have them with us for a couple days.
We are very thankful for our family.
The Williams side of the fam trying to get a christmas card picture---ugh! 



2 goofballs

Enjoying the extra attention by Grandma

Keith's family

The big kid table

The little kid table

The actual kid table (notice all kid tables are on the wood floor for easy clean us---this was planned).

Just couldn't wait for us to cut the pie---she dug right in! This girl knows what she wants!

And of course there was a craft time!