Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bumpits & Bows

It's no secret that I love infomercials. It doesn't matter what they are selling, I'm totally hooked and, of course, NEED the product. Keith worries leaving me home alone with the TV because he may return to find I'm purchased some amazing juicer, or exercise machine that promises to trim and slim in just minutes a day! Ever since I saw the "Bump-it" I've been dying to have one. I was a skeptic, especially after I saw Jenna Fisher (from the office) on the Ellen show trying it out---it wasn't looking like it really did the job. However, this did not dampen my spirits, and when Marissa and I heard they made it to Walgreens we went on an unsuccessful hunt all over Spokane for the "Bump-it". Fortunately they were in stock over in Longview and Marissa bought us both a set!!! I need some practice still on how to perfect the art of "Bump-it" but Marissa will guide me--her hair is always stylish! In addition to this new hair accessory, my friend Leah made me the cutest stinkin' headbands for my birthday!!! Leah I love them, they fit perfectly and really complete the look. Here Marissa and I are modeling for you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Newest addition to our life

Our friends, Cary and Adam, have gone and done it again, and made an absolutely adorable baby boy!!!! We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Aiden Gregory Strate---is he not sooooo cute???

Born July 7th, weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 15oz and 21.5 in. long! That's a lot of baby! Cary you are a CHAMP! We love you, and are so happy for your new little guy :)

Summer so far...

My flowers are in full bloom in our back yard right now---I love spending time with them! Our mischievous Aslan was found high above us in search of food (he's not really happy about the diet we put him on!)

Celebrated the Ross family summer birthdays up at Deer lake then went back up a few days later for the 4th of July with the van Anrooy crew. I made "Cake Pops" without the "pop" part for both events and they were a HIT! This is a picture of the patriotic cupcakes I made before they melted in the car :(

And of course we did Hoopfest (we meaning Keith played and I watched)