Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Babies

These cute cats just don't get enough blog time...
here is how I found them when I can home from work the other day :)
Aren't they so sweet?
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Mask Making 101

1. Make your husband(s) go to Micheals with you to help pick out the perfect mask (or the cheapest/creepiest one).
2. use a hot glue gun to attach LOTS of feathers and other random items found in your kitchen.

3. Try not to stick your finger in the wet glitter glue it will get on your jeans and in your hair!

4. Or just wear a different kind of mask.

Megan's baby even wore a mask!

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It's not really Fall until you visit Green Bluff

Robyn and Phil came to visit this weekend---so fun!

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Auntie Meghan Meets Madelyn!

This weekend was Scott's high school reunion so I made a quick trip down to meet my new "niece" Madelyn!

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Girls Weekend

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A Birthday Bonfire

Some highlights from Josh's birthday on the farm

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

AJ is a cat lover...a man after my own heart!
AJ was being so sweet to Tipsy last weekend, he might have even changed her mind about small humans. Our cats generally run and hide when any child comes in the house.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

I got tagged

Not even kidding!

So my dear friend Leah "picture tagged" me. I was asked to go to my 4th picture file, and choose the 4th picture. Here it is. I'm also supposed to explain...

I have this in my picture files because at one point I emailed this picture to my college friend Trevor who called me "Stephanie" because he thought I looked like the Full House character.

If I skip that "How Rude" picture and also skip the "Sample Picture" file that is automatically on my computer....this is what I land on.

This is my 26th birthday celebration with the Graves Road Girls and their husbands in Lake Tahoe on our first annual Graves Girls reunion trip. Robyn... are you scared, excited, or just trying to not breathe in all that smoke? By the way----why did that little candle create so much smoke??? Oh, maybe it was Keith setting napkins, straw wrapper, and sugar packets on fire with the s'mores flame. Yeah, that must be it.