Saturday, October 13, 2012

"I like dis place"

A few weekends ago, on a particularly glorious Fall day, we headed up to the place where everyone in Spokane seems to go this time of year!:
Kendall was once again very interested in the animals, but kept her distance.

This was Kitty's first time at Greenbluff and we think he had a great time!

Harvest House Pumpkin Patch

It's hard to pick (up) the very best pumpkin---especially when most of them weigh about the same as you do!

So tall!
She loved running through the apple trees.
We are loving this picture because it reminds us of one we took a few weeks before we got married
We looked just a little bit younger :)

Greenbluff round 2:
with the cousins!

This time we went to Dietz's
Jeter helped Kendall find an adorable baby pumpkin 
She would smile with Rece so long as she got to stay in the wagon instead of more pumpkins !
On to Walter's Fruit Ranch
We sort of pushed the envelope with nap time for the littlest ones so this was where things started to melt down a bit

Greenbluff is a favorite family tradition---no wonder all of Spokane comes out here in the Fall!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

September slipped away

Apparently we had an entire month after August...but somehow between the always crazy start of school and a few little trips, we have found ourselves already well into October! I thought before the obligatory Fall Greenbluff post I should wrap up our full and fast month of September!

A fully set up classroom BEFORE labor day weekend---first time EVER! 

Daddy's tire was flat and so was the spare---so Kendall got the exciting experience of watching it get towed!

First day of "school" (aka going to Mimi's) for Kendall & Kitty 

Spokane Interstate Fair

She liked the idea of feeding the animals but not the actual act of feeding them---so Daddy got to feed this goat!

First rodeo and she LOVED it! She waved to all the princesses and announced the play by plays "he's riding on dat horsey and he's riding on dat horsey!"

Special visit from Val and AnnMarie

And a fun shower to celebrate Darla and baby boy (she was just practicing here with this little one)

We started having Liam over on Friday afternoons and Kendall is in heaven! These two get along soooo great! 

We drove to the Gorge for our 4th Jason Mraz concert---he is amazing live!

Riss and Luke joined us for the event

The very next weekend we flew to Vegas! We're pretty wild these days :)

We couldn't have gone if it weren't for Kelli and Alex making it happen---Vegas was so much more fun with their company!

This little munchkin got to spend a ton of extra time with her Mimi which was a real treat for  all of us. Here she is enjoying her gift from our trip---a dice shaped sucker.

And you know what they say "What happens at Mimi's house, stays at Mimi's house"! This was the first time Kendall has ever fallen asleep while eating, so she clearly had a great time!