Thursday, October 9, 2008

I got tagged

Not even kidding!

So my dear friend Leah "picture tagged" me. I was asked to go to my 4th picture file, and choose the 4th picture. Here it is. I'm also supposed to explain...

I have this in my picture files because at one point I emailed this picture to my college friend Trevor who called me "Stephanie" because he thought I looked like the Full House character.

If I skip that "How Rude" picture and also skip the "Sample Picture" file that is automatically on my computer....this is what I land on.

This is my 26th birthday celebration with the Graves Road Girls and their husbands in Lake Tahoe on our first annual Graves Girls reunion trip. Robyn... are you scared, excited, or just trying to not breathe in all that smoke? By the way----why did that little candle create so much smoke??? Oh, maybe it was Keith setting napkins, straw wrapper, and sugar packets on fire with the s'mores flame. Yeah, that must be it.


The Boggs Family said...

You DID look like that actress from Full House! :) haha. You are so funny.... and absolutely adorable! Fun pics. We miss you guys and hope you're doing well. How is school-stuff going for you both? BTW, where are you two going to church these days? I miss seeing you at NC but we are really hit n' miss ourselves with the kids and Ken's schedule.

The Hoogland Family said...

HAA Funny! And you do look like Stephanie Tanner. I love your shirt you are wearing in your birthday picture! I am having major issues with clothes these days. My big breastfeeding boobs hardly fit into any of my shirts! grr. . .Hopefully they will get smaller when my little babe doesn't eat so frequently and sporatically. I MISS YOU!

Super Angie said...

Hi Megs! Shout out to teacher couples!!! I can't wait to follow along on your Spokane adventures. :)