Sunday, May 24, 2009

A little catching up

Bloomsday 2009Finishing time 1:36 -- pretty good for not training :) Marissa was very kind to stay with me the whole time even though she is in GREAT running shape (she just ran the Windermere Half!). It was that "it hurts, but feels great " feeling afterwards. I was hoping it was motivate me to get back into shape---then I hurt my toe and lost the inspiration. Maybe on June 18th I'll start getting in shape again!

It's actually spring in Spokane!!!

Here is our apple tree before all the blossoms are blown off in the wind, and before it gets super annoying with rotten apples falling all over the ground--I like to capture it in the few days it's really pretty!

Maile & Rebecca were both in town on the same weekend--so a Graves Girls reunion of sorts was in order. Thanks to Krista for organizing the breakfast event, and thanks to KJ for being our cook and server! If you're ever in need of Mickey Mouse waffles and delicious WARM syrup---KJ's your guy. It was great to catch up girls :)

All my bed buddies :)
The cats often join us early in the morning, as if to remind us they still exist (in case we forgot while we were sleeping) and they'd like to eat! It gets a little crowded--and I'm usually the first to get kicked out.

Cary is having a BABY so we had to celebrate!
Cary's sister organized a surprise baby shower at Zola's. Ingrid got her down there successfully and Cary was truly surprised---I mean, we had to explain to her why we were all there---even after we yelled surprise!!! No Cary, you already had your birthday.

Mother's Day at Friendship park (and Alli's family birthday party)
I love Jeter's no front teeth smile :) And you should have read his sweet card to Kelli, so cute! One line said "You're as beautiful as a rock!" Maybe he'll be a geologist?

Quincy looks just like Rece when she gets sad--it's too cute!

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Reba said...

Megs...was good to see you and catch up, I am looking forward to late July to do it all over again! I have to comment on your apple tree blossoms: I have a non-fruiting cherry tree (why would you ever plant a not fruiting fruit tree is beyond me), and in the spring (well, February) it is absolutely beautiful, and smells good too. And then the slight rains, big winds, heat, and bugs pretty much destroy it (not to mention our dog ripped off all the bark on the trunk). But oh so pretty for a week or two!