Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh my!

We had a bazillion viruses and junk on our computer, but we didn't know it! YIKES! Luckily we have a friend who is a GENIUS, and fixed it for us (he easily spent 15+ hours working everything out! THANKS Eric!). After killing all the yuckies he ended up having to reformat our computer and now it works better than it did when we first had it (we just aren't sure of all that we might have lost yet). Therefore we have been computerless for over a week. At first it was nice, you know, we actually had couple time without a screen in front of one of our faces! But then we started having withdrawals---this is definitely an addiction :) Needless to say we are back into our computer routines and securing all our passwords and not downloading anything without triple checking it's validity (and probably calling Eric every other day for a while!). Now we are just hoping all our pictures are safe online, and that our music can be recovered somehow---fingers crossed (anyone know if there is a way to get music from an iPod back on to a computer???). We are on vacation now and will have new pictures to add soon.

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