Saturday, June 5, 2010

the jungle is gone

A while ago we decided to recruit a few high school kids to help us get our yard looking good for summer (with the hope that they could put the money toward Malibu this summer)....well, that was back when our yard was pretty tame! With all the rain we've been having and several delays in finding a weekend that worked for everyone, our yard turned into a complete weed jungle! I was just a little embarrassed to have our yard looking like this, however, weeding has taken a backseat these days. I was sooooooo happy that the boys came today to help Keith create an awesome looking landscape. Thanks Babe, it looks super! We still have a ways to go before it's just right, but we are definitely on the right track and ready to move forward.

Here is a before picture: see, I told you JUNGLE!
And an after
This is the future site of our fire pit! and the future future site of a carport? maybe. needs some rocks. perhaps next weekend (or when Dad, aka Grandpa John, gets in to town!).

before pic of the guys

after pic with new, new bark makes everything look so fresh!

oh, there is actually grass out there, and a few real plants! Hey Mom, aka Gramma Denise, wanna help me put some flowers in the pots?


Emilie said...

Looks great!! New bark really does wonders-We just put some in recently as well:)

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

You are our new inspiration. We have a jungle for a backyard too and have some major work to's all about the divider and bark, I think. Maybe we'll have a similar backyard post soon (or maybe not). I'm hoping we do ;)

The Hoogland Family said...

wow what a transformation! Looks fantastic! I can just see us sippin lemonade lounging out there. Do you wanna? I am still planning on coming around the 28th! So excited!

Reba said...

your yard looks great...can we borrow those high school students too :) Weeds don't stop growing here and Tim has been a trooper to get out and weed now and again, but they are never ending and I can't do anything. Plus, by the time I can pull weeds, it'll be so dang hot there is no way! I am glad you guys got some help...the yard looks so inviting, we'll have to come over for a BBQ ;)

Breezi said...

Looks great! :)

The Boggs Family said...

Ahh Meghan, look how adorable you are pg!! How are you feeling these days? Gettin' close!!! :) I can't remember - do you know what you're having? Names picked? ;) Your yard looks stellar--- GREAT job!!!! We have been chipping away at ours for what seems like waaaay too long. Maybe we need to do what you did & just hire some high schoolers or college guys to come help Ken get 'er done. ;) Isn't it satisfying to have it all finished & be able to sit back and enjoy it -- and know you can enjoy it all summer long?! :) Hugs to you!!!