Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Friendships forming

Kendall recently had a slumber party at her cousins house! I love this sequence of pictures because it really captures Quincy and Kendall's relationship right now. I can't wait for them to grow close over the years, being only 2 years apart I know they will be friends sooner than later, but right now it's pretty funny! Quincy adores Kendall and just wants to hold her and be a little mommy to her. Kendall, being a little bit of a touchy baby, isn't always so sure what to think.

We've also had the pleasure of watching our friend Avlynne for a few days. Kendall already looks up to her and wants to be able to do everything Av can do, and no matter what Avlynne does Kendall thinks she is the coolest EVER. She can steal a toy out of Kendall's hands and Kendall just sits there and smiles like "Wow, Avlynne just took my toy, I'm so lucky!" There has been some mutual eye poking and lip grabbing. The beginning of a great friendship.

I dressed Kendall to be matchy matchy one day---so cute!

Library date with Nathan Crawford.

Play date with Rachel Swenland.

Family night kid picture (Liam, Thijs, Aidan, Jackson, Kendall & AJ)

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Valerie Johnson said...

Those pictures are beyond precious!!!