Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet, Silly, & Social: Our ONE year old!

One year old dolly picture
Kendall's very first dolly picture at the hospital!
On July 15th, 2010 I decided I should buy a parenting book...I thought I had a little over a week to read up. Little did I know that the very next day we would actually BE parents!  That day literally feels like YESTERDAY. Keith and I are in SHOCK by just how fast a year has gone by. But wow, it has been seriously AMAZING! The past couple days we've had a great time "reliving" all the special moments and surprises leading up to Kendall's birth. Those memories are all still so fresh, and I hope they always feel that way. We are truly blessed by Kendall; every single day she brings us so much joy and laughter. As I've documented our feelings and milestones over the past year I know I've said over and over that each new stage has been our favorite, and as we enter the toddler world the feeling is the same. We are LOVING every minute of Kendall these days. It seems like she is absorbing so much lately, every day she has a new trick or understands something new that we say or do. It feels like she has recently turned that corner from baby to toddler. Even though her size sometimes is deceiving (she's about 17lbs and on her birthday a lady at the grocery store asked me if I was sure she was old enough to be sitting in the front part of the cart!). Here is some of the latest with Kendall...
*We think she has quite the sense of humor for a one year old. Actually, she is a riot! She knows how to ham it up and loves an audience. Her crowd favorite right now is the "intense" face with clenched fists---the more laughter she gets the more she does it! We hope she doesn't pop a blood vessel or something!
*Her all time favorite food is avocados! She screams and pounds on her high chair if she sees me with one and can literally eat an entire avocado in one sitting (too bad they are stinkin' expensive right now)! Generally she'll eat anything we give her, and so far she has no allergies. We've also made the switch from formula to whole milk and she has done pretty well, although we still need to get her to take it cold from a sippy cup.
*She is a little love bug! She has always been cuddly, but recently she learned what it means to hug and she will hug us as well as all her favorite toys. On her birthday she was hugging all her new dolls that were still in the packages! If you ask for a kiss you will probably get a slobbery, open mouth, bitting style of kiss. And she can give hi-5's and blows kisses, too.
*Kendall knows how to bust a move! She has the cutest little booty shake and anytime there is any sort of a beat she is groovin'!
*Anything can be a toy for Kendall. She likes to pull all the kleenex out of the box and rip it into tiny pieces. And she also loves to put things inside of containers or take things out. Her other favorite activities include playing with her kitty cats (she has 3 now!), and "reading" all her books. This is how we usually find her when she wakes up, reading to her kitties and binkies (she is still a great sleeper and usually wakes up super happy---unless she is teething (3 teeth in and one is almost through))! She also loves to share the things she is using (including food).
*She is on the move! She hasn't yet taken independent steps, but she is getting really brave with her cruising and loves it when we help her walk. We think she's pretty close to walking alone! She also is very quick going up and down stairs and can safely get herself off of the couches. We think we'll have a climber---but luckily she isn't tall enough to do too much of that yet!
*Our favorite thing that Kendall does is talk...and boy does she love to talk! NON STOP! She sounds like she really has something to say, but still doesn't really have any actual words beyond Mama and Dada and uh-oh. Occasionally we think she is saying Kitty, or bye-bye but it's pretty hit or miss.

A blueberry muffin birthday tradition
Hugging her dolly

She doesn't stay still for long! 
Well, there you have it! Our little love is one year old. We can't wait to see what she has in store for us on this adventure of parenthood. 


carly said...

one?! crazy! happy birthday to kendall! she is so sweet, i love the picture of her with her doll and the balloons! :)

Bethany said...

Can you even believe you have a one year old?! Crazy how fast the year has flown by. So glad you're loving every minute with your sweet girl! I love hearing about her personality coming out more and more :).

Tiffany said...

So amazing! Happy birthday to your big, little bundle of joy! :)

The Boggs Family said...

Happy Birthday to your utterly precious baby Girl! :) Seriously - is the first year of parenthood not insanely awesome & crazy or what?!! And the funniest - maybe best? part - it's constantly "new"... :)Love you guys!

Kimmer said...

Happy Birthday to Kendall! And congratulations on making it through the first year of parenthood! I was going to make the same comment as Carly--love the picture of her with the balloons and doll. :) She is really one of the most photogenic babies I've ever seen!

Emilie said...

Happy Birthday, Kendall! I LOVE the picture of her with her dolly!

Erin said...

The picture of her hugging her dolly couldn't be any cuter! Really, I don't think Kendall could be any cuter!!! What a sweet girl :)