Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa Claus

Kendall wasn't diggin' Santa this morning at the annual "Breakfast with Santa." We weren't surprised because she generally doesn't like strangers all that much.  Although there was a glimmer of hope as she was pointing at him and saying "Danta," but the closer we got the tighter her grip on me was. There was no way she was letting us leave her with him so we have a family Santa picture this year. Here is a little video of her Santa encounter...notice she is very curious and looking for him as he pumped up the crowd.

And our little ham was all smiles again once we were home.


Bethany said...

Love the little video ;). So funny how similar Ella and Kendall's reaction to Santa was. Curious, yet terrified! Ella also did the death grip on my arm as we got closer to him. I so wish we lived closer and could let the girls hang out - they would have so much fun!!

Alison said...

That is so funny. She just about jumps out of her skin when he touches her on the head. I love the look of sheer panic on her face and yet, she keeps herself pretty composed. Babies and Santa are funny.

The Hoogland Family said...

Oh I want to squeeze her! She is so adorable with that bow in her hair! Hilarious when santa touched her, how dare he do that?! I don;t blame her for being scared. Rylan was too until he was about 5, in fact he would yell what he wanted across the mall to santa since he didn't want to sit on his lap.

The Boggs Family said...

Seriously... she is soooo darn CUTE!!! Love the bow in her hair at the top; love that you guys have fun traditions - hugs!! :)