Monday, July 23, 2012

My baby is 2!

To celebrate Kendall's 2 years in our life we threw a party! We hosted a family breakfast this year, allowing us to indulge in maple bars, fruit, iced coffee and oj (instead of cake--good call!). It was a fun way to do a we still had the whole day left to play with new toys! I tried to tone it down a bit from last year, but between pinterest and summer break it was difficult for me to do that. After the party we invited everyone to church, where Kendall's Papa John did a lovely "baby" dedication for us. Here are the pictures of the fun events and the sweet and sassy birthday girl. Stats and stories to follow in my next post after her well child visit.

 pretty amazing to see how much she's changed since birth!

The ice coffee might have been my biggest undertaking for this party---and Kendall doesn't even drink coffee!
Oh my! What a spoiled little girl! Everyone chose the perfect gifts for her interests right now! Doll house, music, cell phones, coloring supplies, bubbles...etc. THANK YOU!

These cousins really love each other! We missed you Jeter!

Thanks for coming everyone and making K's 2nd birthday party so special!

Kendall's cute dress was made by her Gramma Denise!


carly said...

everything turned out so cute meghan! good job! and happy birthday to kendall! :)

Emilie said...

Happy Birthday, Kendall! We love your smile, your cute pictures, and most importantly-we love YOU!!

Meghan-Incredibly cute party filled with fun ideas I'll have to steal:)