Sunday, November 11, 2012

I don't want to forget this

I never want to forget the funny little things that Kendall has said at various ages.  So I've got little phrases and stories on sticky notes and old receipts all over the place and I finally collected some of the recent ones here on the blog so I can have them forever. I know there is so much more that I've already forgotten as she quickly learns the right way to say things. For example,  I kept meaning to get a video of her singing "You are My Sunshine" because she said "when skies are GREAT (instead of gray) " and "You neber know dear, how much a lob you." But now she sings it all just the right way. Of course it's still adorable in her squeaky toddler voice.   So, here are just a few.

These were from the Summer until now:

 "no touch it mommy" (when she wants to do things herself)

Kendall's favorite phrase lately is "I do it myself!" and today she would't let me help her put on her panties...she first put both legs in one hole "deez too tight, I try a new ones" and the next pair she puts on backward and had an intense wedgie, "deez too tight, I try a new ones." 3 pairs later and some sneaky help from mom she finally has them on comfortably!

"no worry mommy"

"I okay, that's okay"

"I proud a you"

"My bottom burped" (after she tooted)

"Swim soup" = swim suit

"Lawn moaner" = lawn mower

"I spilled" when she has a pee pee accident

"I have to need a go potty"

"I do it"

"Open meal" = oatmeal

"Just a sec"

"I like your baby" (as she cuddles my stomach)

And here are some pictures from the last month that also capture who Kendall is at 27 months old
playing doctor

collecting leaves

a budding artist

long hair (in the back)

Afternoons with Ella


lover of sweets!

Big girl bed!!!

Practicing for Halloween

Always silly---even on the potty!


Bethany said...

Love reading all Kendall's funny little sayings - such a fun age and so much to remember! I need to start writing some of Ella's sayings down too. What a silly, fun girl Kendall is! I've said it before, but I just wish we lived closer...I have no doubt they would be great friends :). Hope you're feeling well mama!

Emilie said...

Good job documenting, mama! Kendall's such a sweet girl and these stories always make me smile!