Saturday, January 21, 2012


Does this pic just scream SASSY?
Oh boy---we are FOR SURE in toddler land now! Our sweet little 18 month old has developed some sass, and a new head butting technique she uses on us when she doesn't like what we are asking her to do, are holding her too long, or when she gets really hyper (one resulting in me getting a fat lip right before I left for work!). Oh, and today she uttered "Mine do it" when I was trying to help her not spill her sippy cup. Yep, we have an independent toddler on our hands. However, that hasn't deterred us from seeing her as the most precious little girl on earth! Besides, those flare-ups of independent sassiness are part of learning and growing up---and, at times, they are still kinda cute (but don't tell Kendall that!). Don't get me wrong, most of the time she is GREAT and continues to amaze us with her sense of humor, imaginative play, sweet hugs, helpful nature, and ability to pick up on new words (and usually the correct meaning, too)!
Playing in the cat house...she wishes she was a cat some days as she LOVES them.

Looking like such a big girl! 

And now for the jumbled list of Kendall stats and memories---that we just don't want to forget!

Kendall's favorite activities these days include putting her baby "nigh nigh," coloring, taking baths and singing. Her "Baby" takes about 874, thirty second naps throughout the day, and we are constantly hearing "shhh shhh shhh, nigh nigh" as she shoves the poor baby into her various napping spots. Then Kendall will instantly pick her back up and start the nap routines again. Many of her stuffed animals, as well as Aslan, have also partaken in a game of "nigh nigh." In addition to her baby doll, Kendall also received a Color Wonder set for Christmas and she asks to "kah-wa" all the time, but spends most of the time grunting to get the caps off or focusing to put them back on. Although color wonder is mess-free she does still need a bath from time to time. We're going to have to start spelling out B-A-T-H here soon, as Kendall gets over the top excited when she knows it's bath time. She loves to "swim" on her tummy and pour water over her own head. And the singing, oh the sweet, beautiful singing! We love it!!!! She sings when she wakes up and she sings when she's going to sleep, she sings while she plays, she sings about her food, and of course she sings to her baby. Although she has quite a song repertoire (Itsy bitsy spider, Twinkle Twinkle, I Love You (Barney style), Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, The Wheels on the Bus, and Jesus Love Me), she usually is singing in her own little language. 
Climbing in to her baby's bed---so silly!
Kendall continues to be open to eating just about anything. Her favorite food right now is the small Satsuma oranges. She called them "greens" and we have no clue where that started---maybe she just knows she's being funny? She is pretty funny! 
Sneaking a piece of candy cane!
She loves to play hide and seek with her cousins and now yells "Hide!" to let us know we need to come find her. She continues to thrive at her many different babysitters! Learning so much from her cousins and friends. We hear she loves the story lady and getting a stamp at the end.
running down the hall
One of the milestones "we've" experienced in the last 3 months is a set of molars, and the a new set starting to poke through---making for a rough night now and again. Usually Kendall is a great sleeper going down between 7:30 and 8:30 and waking up between 6:30 and 7. On weekends we try to give her a bottle and trick her into thinking it's still night time and get an extra hour out of her! When that doesn't work we let her snuggle with us in bed and watch a cartoon (Caillou is a favorite!)---we love our weekends! 

first taste of snow.
At her 18 month doctors appointment she weighed in at 20 pounds 1oz (under 5% still) and 30.25 inches tall (10%). Still a little pipsqueak! She is currently wearing a mix of 12 and 18 month size  clothes, and sometimes helps to choose her own outfit. She loves to request bows for her hair, too (although she doesn't usually keep them in for long). That's right, she has enough hair for bows! 

Attempting to dress herself and needing "mo bow!"

We think we are getting closer to potty training season as she is very interested in the potty, announces when she is going, and recently learned how to take her pants off. We are also hoping to be done with binkies (which are just at bedtime now) and bottles here soon. We've been wanting to wean from the bottle for months now but due to her petite size didn't want to take away the only way she actually drinks milk. 
A visit to Cat Tales to see the "Big Titty"
To Keith's delight, she loves to count! For a while if we ever said "how many" in any context we'd hear her shout out "2", now if we say 1 she'll keep counting (sort of!). Loves to repeat 3, and knows that 9 comes after 8. And after we say 10 she claps for herself. The rest are hit or miss right now but Keith is in heaven none-the-less. 

Play date with some of her forever friends

of course still in love with the cats!

And there you have it! See you in a few months for the next Kendall update :) Oh, I've included a few videos at the bottom ... 


The Hoogland Family said...

Holy cuteness! I LOVE HER LITTLE VOICE! What a smart little girl! Independance is such a fun phase. I think she needs a real baby to take care of,. . . Meghan!

Tiffany said...

Kendall is beyond adorable! She looks EXACTLY like Keith in that first pic! Loved the update! She's such a big girl now!

Emilie said...

Not even sure where to start commenting on all of her CUTENESS! I'm pretty sure you little cutie pie is a pure genius, too! I can't get over how much she is talking (and counting, holy cow!)!!!! Love her!!!