Friday, September 13, 2013

sleepy summer

Having a newborn reminded me how much sleep (or lack of) becomes a part of your daily plans. In an attempt to remember Kyler was with us on all of our daily adventures, I tried to snap a pic of him, but he was always sleeping! Even our days at home revolved around nap times. I tried to get a few naps in myself and just enjoy this mellow summer. I also tried to use my time wisely when both kids happened to have overlapping naps. Here are my sleepy summer sweeties.
At Great Grandpa Dave's house

 Sleeping on the plane

Early summer naps in the bouncy chair

He's a happy napper

Even slept through 2 weddings

I love how Kendall ends up after she finally falls asleep

Kendall has a few friends she has to have with her for a quality nap

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