Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kyler's first Christmas(es) (And Kendall 4th)

 Christmas #1: Keith's sisters & families

 It's been a while since our little family has been in town for this big family Christmas party so it was fun to see everyone all together. Kendall is at a fun age to get to play with all her cousins (and 1st cousins once removed).
 Kelli was a fabulous host!
 All the younger kids got gifts. Kendall got this fun Doc McStuffin's clinic (where lots of important medical work is preformed daily) and Kyler got an air popper ball toy.

Sassy Summer

Fun day with cousins = zonked out kids!

Christmas #2: Christmas Eve
 Here Kendall is outside our church singing (and dancing) to silent night (don't worry, her candle was NOT lit!)

Kyler was scoping out which presents were his (or which ones had the most dissolvable paper).

Crazy family picture (Kendall was roaring like a dinosaur)

The Schuermans

Girl cousins

Boy cousins

Family togetherness: Watching a funny YouTube video

Family togetherness: playing Trivial Pursuit

After we got home Kendall made sure the cookies were out, reindeer food was ready, and Twas' the Night Before Christmas was read...and she was OUT like a light! Although she was a bit concerned that if we didn't also go to bed at the same time as her that Santa might not come. 

Christmas #3: Christmas Morning with our little family

Santa delivered!

Kendall got a Dora and Boots tree house and Kyler got some baby instruments.

The story is that Kendall had asked Santa for a new dolly. So Santa purchased a Rapunzel doll. But then the next few times people asked her what she had asked Santa for she told them Dora and Boot dolls. Santa was a little confused about what to do! But when he found a cute little tree house set he decided to let Keith and I give Kendall Rapunzel. Kendall loves both toys and plays with both a ton, but also insists that it's all from Santa. Oh well, we are happy to give him the credit. 

After each toy we had to take a play break. It was a low stress way to do gifts, and fun to see Kendall truly enjoy each gift. She also got a Minnie Mouse dress up dress, nail polish and pretend make up, and lego storage bag. Kyler got a sippy cup, a toy car and a toy tv remote (and a mini baby food maker but that was really more for me), and both kids got some new clothes and tons of books.

Finishing up Santa's left overs. Even though we made a nice breakfast casserole, she chose sugar for every meal---Merry Christmas Kendall!

The lute (Keith got me a Keurig and I got him a Sonicare and some clothes he's had his eye on---we're practical)

I got my nails done by Kendall

Kendall was showing Kyler the ropes of unwrapping gifts...he was only interested in putting absolutely everything into his mouth.

We woke up to the coolest frost! So before we left for the afternoon I snapped a few pics.

Christmas #4: Christmas afternoon with Keith's family

The kids got a few more Santa gifts and were totally spoiled with gifts from all our extended family! Kyler's favorite gift from the day was a stacking snail toy, and Kendall was enamored with another new dolly.

Bernie made us a delicious dinner. CHEERS!

We are so thankful for our thoughtful and generous family!

Christmas #5: Williams and Rettele's on the 26th
Papa John and Grandma Denise came into town the day after Christmas. Marissa had a string of days off from work too so it was perfect timing to have our final Christmas gift exchange.

Luke and Riss came over since we really wanted to host one last Christmas at our house before we move. (notice the adorable pillow my mom made---I got a teal one!)

One theme was that Kendall seemed to enjoy all of Kyler's gifts almost more than her own. Note to self: get the 3 year old baby gifts next time. ;)

And so did Aslan. 

Kendall got a fun new game but hasn't totally figured out that there are certain rules that make a game fun for everyone. She prefers to make new rules up each time we play and gets pretty "fuwustawaited" if we aren't on the same page. 

Christmas is exhausting! Now it's time to start packing up the whole house to move!

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