Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kendall Conversations #3

-"Mommy, I need to talk to you about something. Why do some scones have frosting and some don't?" 
-As a reward for making good choices, Keith took Kendall to the Frozen sing-a-long at the theater! When asked what she hoped her next reward would be when she fills up her marble jar again, she enthusiastically replied "Groundhog's Day!!!" Well, she's going to have to earn A LOT of marbles before tomorrow, otherwise Groundhog's Day is called off.
-"Mommy, I'm gonna need some chips for my block-a-mole I made!"
-aunt Kelli, you're pretty just the way you are
-"I made you some ingredients for dinner! I put spinach in yours mom, but not in dad's cause he said no thank you to spinach. "
-"Kendall, I know it's time for a rest because of the fit you are throwing." "I'M NOT THROWING A FIT! I'M THROWING TOYS!!!!!" And she is SOUND asleep within minutes!
-I think I'm engaged to Quincy
-"Mommy, my tummy's hurting" said Kendall. I respond (knowing she's just fine) "Oh no, what is it feeling like?" "Well, kinda like it needs some candy cane and a movie."
-I just had 2 poopies come out at the same time! Quincy taught me that.
-"You make pretty good popcorn, Mom. And I didn't even help you!"
-"Mom, Kyler's happy. His happy makes me happy." (November)

Our normal bedtime routine
Whoever wrote this article about putting toddlers to bed must be spying on us. I cried laughing when I read it. I want to be able to find this article again when Kyler is in this stage. Or when my sister has kids and needs to know that all toddlers are a little crazy.

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Tiffany said...

"Kendall Conversations" are my absolute favorite! I think we need to get our little munchkins together sometime!