Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kyler's 1st Birthday party!

How did he turn one already???

We made it one year, baby!

Birthday boy chair

Blues, greens and grays was the "theme". And the hope was that everything would eventually become a decoration in Kyler's new bedroom.

all his stats 
(and then a few days later i was able to fill in that he weighs 22lbs)

Monthly pics from belly to one year

The food 
We did a sandwich lunch buffet. Simple and perfect.

He got right to business and knew exactly what to do. His strategy was to suck all the frosting off like the cupcake was a bottle!

and was pretty distraught when he thought it was all gone

He had lots of great helpers for gift opening!

A boy and a truck

Happy 1st birthday, Kyler! We are so blessed by you and your playful and adventurous spirit!


Emilie said...

Such a great celebration of the sweetest little boy!

Kimmer said...

It's all so so cute, Meghan! Your family is cute and the whole party was cute! Can I hire you to plan my kids' birthday parties for me? I love all the little touches you have for Kyler's party. Congrats to making it to the one year mark! :)