Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Summer adventures 2015

To kick off July we headed up to Deer Lake for the van Anrooy 4th of July celebration. The kids played in the lake and the dirt and we enjoyed adult beverages and adult company. It was a GREAT time, as always.

We always love heading to Green Bluff to pick berries!

Jenna came to visit
 (well, she was in a friends wedding, but we were lucky enough that she made our house her home base while she was in Spokane)
Mid July brought along another opportunity to travel. We went south to Moraga to visit Great Grandpa Dave.

While there we visited Fairyland

Snuggled Auntie Riss

Played with great imagination and no TV

Took rides with Great Grandpa

Played lots of cards!

And were all big kids riding the airplane in our own seats!

We did lots baking together this summer!

We love Riss!

Kyler was dedicated at church by Papa John

After the dedication we all went out to lunch at Tomato Street

Kyler tentatively took swim lessons

But mostly just loved sporting swim gear and walking around the pool.
Our common area pool was broken for most of July so we ventured down to the main pool several times. It's nice and warm and the kids liked the big steps they could jump off from. Kendall could even touch in the shallow end. 

We made several dates to Starbucks since the ROcket closed and the new Thomas Hammer wasn't going to be finished until the fall. 

In August I helped Valerie throw a shower for Alison down in Lewiston

We went back to Green Bluff for peaches

At Mariah's wedding in August

Golfing with Kelli (Alex & Keith, too) during our Stoneridge trip

I worked really hard all summer to get to 100 barre classes. I met my goal in August and also won a fun RE hat! I love feeling strong and fit and working out in this supprtive community. 

The end of summer always comes to a close when I have to set up my classroom. This year we moved classrooms so I had to start from scratch, as well as, had to wait until a week before students arrived because the carpet installation took longer than expected. It was a rush to get things ready, but Fran really helped us stay organized so I think it was as smooth as possible. We love our new classroom!!!

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