Monday, December 21, 2015

5 has arrived

This beauty turned 5 in July. How is it even possible? I can't remember what life was like before she entered our world! Kendall sparkles, she commands the attention of those around her, she can be sweet, and she can be sassy, but she is always full of love! 

We had a movie date to see the new Cinderella to celebrate this 5 year old. 

Birthday morning

Opening family gifts - we got her a new mp3 player since she loves to listen and sing to her music during quiet time and bedtime. However, when you buy the very cheapest mp3 player that exists, it isn't very functional for a 5 year old. So we ended up getting a CD player which she happily can run all by herself. 

This girl is at home in the kitchen! She's always loved helping me with baking and now enjoys making her own creations. It take's a lot of patience on my part---but she is so happy to test things out. She'll see ideas in magazines or on tv and immediately need to try them. Her go-to is to make her own lemonade.

She hosted a Sophia the 1st party with all her friends, including the entire neighborhood.
It included a craft time

and water games that Daddy planned with her

5 candles!?!?! (also this crown cupcake idea was all Kendall!) 

She is really looking & acting so old lately!
Our summer girl soaking in all the warmth of the blacktop at Grandma & Papa's house.
She loves swimming and gained a lot of confidence in the water this summer!

"reading" the map at Silverwood

Taking risks and going on big rides

Feeling bold, she decided to give herself (and the Michael's grandkids) a haircut. Ugh! 

Continues to enjoy reading all the books..and falling asleep in the funniest positions! 

Her first lemonade stand...she did it all! When I was outside with her she would default to me to interact with her customers. But when I wasn't there she did such a great job! I loved watching her confidence grow. She donated some of her proceeds to a family in our neighborhood who lost their house in a fire. 

Loves dance, and spends a good amount of time practicing her leaps and twirls in the kitchen.

Loves her Dada!

3 day a week 4/5 year old preschool this year! She is in heaven at school and told me the other day that she "colors like a 3rd grader!" 

She's still so nurturing as she plays babies, but lately she's surprised us in all the ways she loves and cares for Kyler. They know how to get under each others skin, but usually she shows so much patience and kindness toward him. I regularly tear up when I see how sweet she is to him! 

Her 5 year old interview:
Favorite Food: Noodles with sprinkle cheese
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite show: Caillu
Favorite thing at school: Outside recess
If you could go on an airplane where would you go: Chicago & Hawaii to see Maddy & Ian
Favorite color: Pink & Purple
When you grow up what are you going to be: doctor & teacher & mom
Favorite song: Bad Blood & Heart Beat Song
Favorite book: Pinkalisious
3 words to describe you: Myself, my love, picnic
When you were little, you used to: drool
Favorite time of the year: winter, without snow
Favorite snack: goldfish crackers and apple slices
Yuckiest food: chicken that's spicy
By best friend at school: Abigail
Other friends: Kaitlyn Morrison (& all my neighbors), "the boys" (vanAnrooy, Strates & Liam)
Places I want to go: Chicago
People I miss: Abigail
Favorite pets: Aslan & Tipsy
 Favorite Teachers: Mrs. Sue

Dear Kendall, we adore you! You're becoming such a kind young lady. We say to each other all the time how mature you are and it reminds us that you are getting so old. We know that you love God and His love shines from your heart. We love to watch all the gifts He has given you develop. 
Love, Mama & Daddy

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