Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bum foot

My basketball star sprained his ankle Friday morning---poor baby! Gotta get him back in the game :) Hoopfest is less than 2 months away!!!! Luckily, no broken bones just some sweet bruising!

Friday Evening---after a long day of hobbling around at school

Saturday afternoon---much more painful today he says, but seems to do okay with the air cast

Sunday Afternoon---looking worse but feeling better (slightly)

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The Boggs Family said...

OUch!!! Yikes, sorry Keith... on the bright side, you have a beautiful nursemaide to take care of you and get ya back on your feet in no time. ;) No pun intended. ha! We've missed you guys, hope your recovery goes well and Meghan, thanks for the comments on our blog. Hugs to you!

carly said...

hey!! i didn't know you had a blog. yea! i'll keep checking back!:)