Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An Outdoor Weekend

Date night down town

Keith and I had a very yummy dinner at P.F. Chang's and then watched the incredibly full and powerful Spokane River---those people are not just getting misted on that bridge!!!

Totally normal!

Camp Spalding

We had the privilege of guest hosting a weekend retreat at Camp Spalding. So basically we got a mini vacation as we helped! It was so much fun to be away from the TV and spend some quality time together :)

Here we are on a little hike. Although it was relatively nice out and we were excited to hike around (even with the bum ankle) we were totally freaked out by all the ticks---after this hike we found about 5 ticks trying to take up residence on us! After this we spent the rest of our outside time in more open spaces with less risk of trees and shrubs sharing the ticks with us.
We love Quiddler!

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The Boggs Family said...

Fun pics! :) How are you guys doing? .... enjoying marriage so far? You're 2 years into it, right? I bet Keith is loving summer now that school is (almost) out -- and wait, do you have summers off too?? I can't remember. Anyway, we miss you guys & hope you are well! I left it on our blog comments at first, and then realized I should just post to yours to tell you where I did our blog header: go to, www.scrapblog.com and you can find all kinds of creative things there to add to your blog & essentially make a whole scrapbook-style blog if ya wanted to! It's a lot of fun if you have some free time...

HewaFam said...

Wow, I love the new blog layout - I might have to check out the site too!! I'm glad that camp got a mention. :) Thanks again for being there...the group appreciated you both, and so did we. Hope your last couple of weeks go well!


Naslund Family said...

I love your blog layout...we will have to have another BBQ soon. Congrats on almost being done w/school for the year!

the millers said...

I saw your comment on Alison's page and had to check out your blog. You guys look so happy and Camp Spalding has never looked so beautiful! Good to see that you are doing well! Thoughts n' Prayers- Wendie

carly said...

hey! your blog looks SO cute! looks like you guys had a fun date night.:) yes, i would love to hang out. let's plan something.