Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meet Quincy Noel Schuerman

We have a new niece!!!!

Happy and Healthy mom and baby!!!

Auntie Meghan

Uncle Keith

4 kids---wow!!!

Can't take their eyes off their sweet baby sister!

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First time big brother (still thinks he can wish her into a boy!)


Adam, Cary and AJ said...

So excited for kelli and alex and fam!!! He's adorable...uh-oh, baby bug is definitely spreading-i think i just caught it! Have fun in Cali!

Darcy said...

What a sweet baby! Congrats to everyone! WOW 4 kids!
Happy Summer!
The McMurrays

Jenna.Kristen said...

Wow Meghan! Great job on the blog! I looked at it right when you sent me the link and again just now- It's awesome!!