Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thai Kitchen Birthday

On June 11th Keith turned the big 29!!! To celebrate we headed out to the valley to eat at one of our favorite resturants. Not only is the food excellent, but the service is 2nd to none! We have never looked at a menu at the Thai Kitchen because the owner (pictured below) always comes out and asks us what kind of meat we like and how hot, then tells us "I make you best chicken in house". And he means it! We always like what he brings us :)

The Girls
(minus Steph--dance recital & Liv--with grandma)

You may be thinking "How could this night get any more exciting?"well... On the drive home we ran into a giant hail storm! This picture just doesn't quite capture it but we couldn't even see in front of us, the roads were totally covered in hail, and most people were pulling over to hide under the overpasses (not Keith though cause he's tough and so is his car luckily).
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