Friday, September 5, 2008

Last few weeks of sweet summer

This picture was not taken at the end of summer, but I couldn't remember if I'd put it on the blog yet...and it's one of my favorite pictures from this summer! Rece is hilarious!

AJ and I are supporting Keith in his golf tournament
Here AJ is learning the fine art of golf---his Dad, Uncle, and Grandpa must be SOOO proud! Not to mention Keith :)
Marissa was in her 1 millionth wedding this summer---she is one HOT bridesmaid, and SO good at her job. Riss I think you are a superstar and such an amazing friend. I'm happy we got to come and play with you at Amy's wedding! You are so beautiful.
I swear I dress nice for weddings! It was just so freaking cold I had to put on my jean jacket OKAY! Keith and I were so lucky to get to go back to Camp Spalding for a few days this summer, while my dad was the speaker at Family Camp. The bonus to spending lots quality time with my parents and getting to be in my favorite place on earth...was getting to see some of my favorite Lewiston friends and families. Kelly was my youth group leader from my high school days...but now she is my friend and I loved seeing her and getting to know her sweet kids. We also enjoyed staying up late and playing cards and laughing at crazy poop stories!!! I would have taken more pictures but my camera battery died. Maybe if I get some from other people I'll put them up. Like the ones from "Water Wars" where they had giant floating blocks covered in duct tape and the moms and dads had to run across them---believe me it was hilarous! Have you ever seen the show Wipe Out? As if we didn't get to see enough white stuff this year---we had some MAJOR rain and hail storms this august! Here you see the unmelted hail looking very much like SNOW. Please...I'm NOT ready for winter again! I think it was this same day that Ingrid and I went on a run. We thought we had missed the craziness but apprently not because on the way from my house to hers we got caught in the storm. We are talking like can't even see because the rain is so hard, getting splashed by cars driving by, 10 pound wet shoes sloshing, pants barely hanging on due to the weight of the water, sort of rain! The people in their cars were giving us the "who are these idots" look.
Keith's Mom's annual trip to Stoneridge now includes a day at Silverwood. I've convinced the kids that the Tilt-a-Whirl is the ultimate ride! Truth be told I sorta really think it is. I mean the Aftershook is cool, but nothing compares to the thrill of a good Tilt-a-Whirl ride! We couldn't get enough.
A sun bathing BEAUTY! Alli was in her own little world here warming up in the sun and singing to herself---isn't she so cute?
Bolder Beach has a great toddler water park and all three kids just love it---Rece was so fun to watch running through all the water!

What I tell you???This is sorta how Rece looks during the whole ride, but he swears he loves it!My Hero.
So I know for sure that Keith will be a good dad because the other night we got home after a really long day to find Aslan about 50+ feet up in our neighbors tree. According to our neighbor he'd been in the tree for at LEAST 6 hours, but potentially could have been like 12!!! Keith, not a big fan of heights, climbed right up...but we didn't think we could get the poor cat down, who has a hoarse meow at this point (and don't call the firemen like you see in movies or in books cause they just laugh at you). After over an hour of debating the best option, Keith, being a genious, got a backpack on and climbed the rest of the way up, while his mom, our neighbor, and I held flashlights on his butt, praying he wouldn't fall out and break his arm, or head, or entire body. Aslan started purring the second Keith was in reach---they have a special bond. He dove into the backpack and Keith zipped him up and climbed back down. What a great rescue!

Last but not least....I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!

I am teaching 2nd graders this year and I already love them! This is my favorite picture Keith took of my room after we all spent every waking hour of our Labor Day weekend getting ready. I've survived the first week and I'm really looking forward to the year!


carly said...

congrats on the job! your classroom looks so great!!! lets get together! i know we keep saying it, but lets really do it! email me!

The Boggs Family said...

WOW!!!! Great updates. Great pics!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your new job! Where are you teaching at? I'm so glad you love your class of little 2nd graders; and, you did a fabulous job on your new room! ;) Sweet decorating - I never had a cool classroom like that growing up. Nice rescue Keith! We miss you guys... big hugs to you both. ~Katie and fam

Adams Adventure said...

Hi Meghan-

That is so crazy that you got a job at Brentwood. Congratulations!
You'll love my dad- I think he's the best guy in the world and to have him as a boss I hear is not to bad. :) I'll have to mention our connection to him. Have a great start to your school year. I'll have to stay up on your guys' blog...keep up on Spokane up there. :)
Blessings to you and Keith-
Jadie...and Jared too

Naslund Family said...

Congrats on the job Meghan, you will have a great year...but my Mom will definitely miss you! Good thinking of you guys to use the backpack to get the cat down, thank goodness :)

Naslund Family said...

Congrats on the job Meghan, you will have a great year...but my Mom will definitely miss you! Good thinking of you guys to use the backpack to get the cat down, thank goodness :)

Alison said...

Your classroom is! I love it. Can I please come be your student? And will you please make your student watch (and LOVE) Little Woman. You might as well use your power where you can...

The Wisers said...

How were the first couple weeks??? Those kiddos are so lucky to have wonderful you!

Can't wait to hear all about it!
<>< Melanie W.

McMurrays said...

Congrats on your job! Your classroom looks darling love the special touches with curtains, lights, and the so cute rug. I love making a classroom cozy! Hope the school year is off to a great start.

Tracy Mae said...

meghan!! your classroom is SO cute! also i welcome your blog stalking! i miss you and like you so much! i hope you are well and now be prepared for some blog stalkilng this way! xoxo's!

Breezi said...

Ohh Meghan!
Your classroom looks AWESOME! I totally want YOU to be my daughter's teacher! I bet you are great!
Don't get discouraged by silly parents at the parent teacher conferences that you have.
As penance for them I'll be on my best behavior for all future conferences that I have with any teacher :o)