Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall so far

Phil Vassar Concert @ the Spokane Fair
Thanks Adam for finding FREE tickets!!! It was a great night out with friends :) Along with some of Spokane's finest!

Cousin Lois came to CDA for a visit
It's SOCCER Season!!!!!
Coach Ross in action

You should hear this girl cheer on her team the Pink Cherry Bombs!

Jeter really knows how to pull off the red Gatorade mustache!
Future soccer star---with dimples to die for!
Our last summer apple hanging on. And all the rotten ones we still have to pick up :(
Happy September!


The Boggs Family said...

Fun times! How was the concert? Phil Vasser is the one who plays the piano well, right? Is he the one who sings, "Just another day in Paradise?" -- I love that song! ;) Hope you two are doing well.... we miss you guys and even though it's been a long time, it's nice to be able to read up on the happenings in your life through your fun blog! Take care & hugs to you. :)

Nate and Julie Dresback said...

Hey guys!!! You found our blog... so I found yours :) Hope you guys are well! So happy to hear that you got a job Meg - I'm sure you are a wonderful teacher! We are in New Jersey and loving it - if you're ever on the East Coast stop in and say hi :)
-The Dresbacks

Sue N. said...

Thanks Meghan! It was great to see a picture of Ingrid and always crazy Jon! I miss them. I know that they have such great friends and family in Spokane. Love, Sue-"Ingrid's Mom"

The Covells said...

love the new pics...i am so looking forward to a girls nite!!!

The Hoogland Family said...

Oh I want to play with you!!
So where are all the posts about your class/students with pictures?