Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just 8 inches...YEAH RIGHT!!

Winter Berries all covered in snow!

Where is Keith?

Where is our house???

What a great guy out there working away on the first offical day of our Christmas break!!!
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The Wisers said...

Hooray!!!!! No SchooL!!!! Two special days with Jonah! His first snow storm!

I'm actually bummed because I had worked so hard to prepare some fun activities for Thursday and Friday and we missed our big Whitworth Holiday Performance! The kids were so anxious for the last two days since we had talked about it and decided together what we would do. I think I'll still have a "winter" party when we get back and we'll make "winter" presents for our families!

Enjoy your break if we don't get a chance to see you! Merry Christmas dear friend!!!!!!!

Trish said...

The snow is out of control! Did you ever get your car out??? Let me know if I need to go visit it at B-wood while you are gone :)

Breezi said...

WOW, You guys seriously got hit with some major snow!
Hope it's warming up a tad bit for ya and some of that snow is going away......