Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My new winter friends

It may not be a surprise to you when I tell you that I hate winter. It is pretty at times (like the other day when the snowflakes looked just like glitter), but it is also very inconvenient, very dark, and very cold. But luckly I have these MAGICAL slippers to help keep me warm and cozy! They were a very special birthday gift, handcrafted by Ingrid. She is a very talented knitting queen (well, she is talented in many areas, but I'm particularly glad for this special gift she has!). I've literally been wearing them since the temperatures dropped below 60 degrees outside! I even wear them to bed. Thank you Ingrid, for helping to make this winter just a little more bearable. I just hope that I won't still be wearing them in June like I might have last year!!!
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Ali said...

Cute Slippers... I'm sorry you don't like the winter cold.... It is beautiful though. Hang in there...Go snowshoeing, that could help!! ;)

Have a Merry Christmas! It would be pretty cool to catch up someday in life... I here you work with a coupld of people I know from my Triathlon club... I get some scoop on you! Tell Keith Hello!

familyedwards said...

I love your slippers!!!! Does Ingrid sell them? Sorry about the snow, but at least you can cuddle up and watch movies while you are on winter break!! Too bad the break it doesn't last all winter! shauna