Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Riss!!!

On Tuesday, we celebrated Marissa, and the day she came into this world! I don't remember my life BM (before Marissa), and I can't imagine it without her, she is my baby sister and my best friend! Like most sisters, we've had "our moments" but as we've grown and matured, our relationship as sisters (and friends) has deepened greatly. I am thankful beyond words to have Marissa in my life. She is kind and generous, brilliant and witty, loving and compassionate, a true friend. I love you sister!!!!! This is your year :)

Mom had this idea for me to make Riss an "edible arrangement"---how'd I do?

Luckily I have miniature cookie cutters and was able to add some creative flare in with the yummy fruit and chocolate covered strawberries!

After the bouquet presentation we headed to Tomato Street for her birthday dinner. This was in the car we parked next to. Weird.

These pics are from the Race for the Cure, hence the matchy-match pink :)
Pre-race car pic

Post-race maple bar at Madeleine's

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The Hoogland Family said...

oh I want to be Marissa's sister too! I miss her! Happy late birthday Riss! Nice arrangement Megs!

The Wisers said...

Oh sisters....such a special relationship! Happy Birthday Marissa, our favorite barista!

linzlou82 said...

Wow, I'm impressed with the edible arrangement, nice work! Hope to see you sometime I'm in Spokane!


Alison and Utah said...

Happy Birthday of my favorite little sisters in the entire world!

Jenna.Kristen said...

You have more blog links than anyone I know!!! Blogger should pay your for advertising ;P

Jenna.Kristen said...

PS- HAppY BdAY MarISSa!!!! Come down for a visit soon!

Holly said...

That edible arrangement turned out really awesome!
The Ronald McDonald inside the car is kind of weird and creepy though!