Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break in Utah!

I just returned from a wonderful trip where I visited my dear friend Leah, in Utah! Although it wasn't a tropical retreat from the freezing Northwest (it snowed almost everyday in Utah too) was so nice to get away and reconnect. Thanks for having me Leah, you are the hostess with the mostess for sure! I can't wait for our next visit :)

Here we are on the Army base Scott works on. He took Rylan for an afternoon so we could explore down town Utah. See those amazing mountains? They were all over, and breathtaking!

Baby Maddy was sicky poo the whole time :( But Scott had the magic touch to get her to sleep, in fact, his magic was so powerful he put himself to sleep too!

Despite her sniffles she was still such a happy girl and I loved getting to know her sweet little personality :)

Here is Rylan, I mean, Spiderman (this face paint thing seemed cool until he had to wash, aka: use sand paper, to get it off--poor guy!)

What would a visit with Leah be without a trip to Walmart? We were preparing for our craftiness! Unfortunately I have no pictures of our creations, but believe me---she brings out my best crafting :) You should see the quilts this girl can make!

Bath time!
Maddy is so petite, it's hard to believe she is 6 months old already!

Not only can she craft, but she can cook! I was so well fed in Utah! And introduced to many new and awesome recipes---these are her sweet potato fries--yum!

Rylan's super cool GOLD BIKE...story to come soon on Leah's blog!

Maddy was trying to impress me by attempting to crawl. She is so close! But right now she can do a sweet downward facing dog yoga pose (didn't catch it on film).

Rylan was so kind to tell me that I could stay for a few days; it took mere seconds for him to warm up to me...and invite me to snuggle him in bed! We had so much fun making thumbprint critters, tickling, chasing, sledding on the blanket, making popsicles, and playing store (Ry, I don't think your prices are too high!). He patiently waited until 8am to wake me up each morning by crawling under the comforter "hiding" from me!

Note the writing on his PJ shirt...and note that I didn't encourage his pose---his personality is so fun and silly!

Olympic Stadium at the University of Utah

One of the many spectacular views! The mountains were like this every direction you look, it felt like you could just walk there and take a hike (maybe once the snow melts!). You step out Leah and Scott's front door (or back door!) and see them! And when it's clear outside you can even see Salt Lake itself from their back deck! AMAZING!

From on top of the Memorial building in Temple Square you can get this view of the Salt Lake Temple---it's HUGE! Leah and I took a pretend marriage photo on the front steps. The gentleman who took it said they built four identical front steps in anticipation for all the weddings that would take place there.

Leah and I are both a little directionally challenged.

This is a statue of Jesus inside one of the Temple Square visiting centers. While there, we also saw where the Mormon Tabernacle choir practices, the giant conference center that seats over 21,000 people, and has a roof that is basically a city park, and got a brief tour of the LDS headquarters inside the Memorial building (where we had all the great view pictures).

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Here is one of Maddy's attempts at crawling. So cute!


Emilie said...

Meghan, I'm so glad you had a great trip. I'm even happier that we got to hang out for a while! It was SO GREAT to see you:)

The Hoogland Family said...

your post rocks! Mine would be longer about our weekend but...geez my kids won't let me sit down for that long! Until next time! What are you doing in late June?

Trish said...

Yea for a fun Spring Break trip! I am so glad you had a great time! The pictures are adorable! And Spiderman looks super cool! Maybe he can come to my class and do a talk on being a super hero sometime! You know...when we bring in community leaders to talk about their jobs ;)

the Hussman duo said...

So fun! I wish I could have seen you guys. We live just a few blocks from Temple Square... glad you had a good time. =) Say hi to Marissa for me!

Alison said...

Love it! What a great time you had and seriously, Rylan is so funny -- just like his mom. I miss you like crazy!