Sunday, January 31, 2010


Caught cuddling...A rare but sweet moment between siblings. Just a few hours prior...our other cat: Rece
Who spent the afternoon at our house to avoid basketball boredom.

We found a teeny tiny worm on a raspberry...this became the primary source of entertainment (for both of us). His name was Wormy and he was played with to death (poor little guy!).

Rece did such a great job with the cats! When he was younger he chased them and picked them up and, rightly so, they are now TERRIFIED of him (and all small humans)! But now that he is 4 and very mature, he was VERY helpful...he fed the cats (a lot), he brushed the cats (a lot), and he drove them crazy with the lazer light (the perfect amount).

notice Tipsy is cautious in allowing him to pet her

Also in January I got to celebrate my friend Trish.

And watch some awesome 6 and 7 year olds play basketball and cheerlead...while entertaining Quincy. A little preparation for parenthood :)

I even got to watch some ice skating with Kelli and Bernie!

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Reba said...

nice worm...I am going to have a difficult time eating raspberries now. Good thing I finished off a batch a couple days ago :)

Alison and Utah said...

Did you re-enact the gold medal winning skating performance from "The Cutting Edge"? If I had been there, I would have done it with you. Complete with sound effects. But you would have had to play the boy.

Trish said...

Fun January! I am SO glad you came to celebrate with me :) I LOVE the picture too! You are so great friend! XOXO

Jenna.Kristen said...

yay I love you baby tracker thing!