Sunday, January 10, 2010

Time to catch up...

So apparently I'm not so good at keeping up on multiple I got more into Facebook this fall, the less time I spent on the blog---sorry Mom! So here I am to play catch up, working my way backward from New year to mid fall. Enjoy :)

Here we are celebrating the new year at the van Anrooys... thanks Keith for really enhancing this photo!

And thanks Jon for always making picture taking so enjoyable for Ingrid!

Now we are back at Christmas.

We spent Christmas Eve and Day at Bernies house. The kids were pure entertainment! One minute Quincy is pretending to be a doll in the doll bed...

The next moment she is shooting with a toy gun!
The next she is a dancing princess!

(Steph this is the tutu you made for Quincy...I think she likes it, how about you?)

Rece was the king of dress up, as always, he probably changed 10 times during the course of opening gifts. Here he is pretending to sleep with Uncle Keith.

We also spent some time with the Williams after Christmas, but I don't have any pictures from that week.

But I do have this picture from Thanksgiving with the Williams. We spent the day at my Aunt and Uncles house in Seattle with my Grandpa Dave and cousin Karrin and her family.

This winter Marissa GRADUATED from nursing school!!! I had the pleasure of "Pinning" her at the ceremony. My mom has a funny picture from that moment...can you send that to me mom? Congratulations Riss! We are so proud of you and know you will pass your exam with flying colors and land the perfect job! You deserve it after all your hard work. I would let you be my nurse any day :)

Earlier in the fall I enjoyed the annual girls weekend. This year we went back to CDA and it was a blast! Here we were enjoying Taylor dancing to Robert Vaughn :)

And here she is...the dancing queen!!! We love you Tay!

Some cute pregos who rallied for a late night!

All dolled up and ready for some Bonsi Bistro

Some fabulous ladies!

Enjoying the super fancy Shirley Temples

There was one frigid weekend early in the fall, which happened to be the day I watched Marissa complete another half marathon---she is a champ!

Well, there you have it. I'll try to be more on top of things in 2010...perhaps I'll take more pictures, and have other fun and exciting things to share...stay tuned :)


The Hoogland Family said...

wow..what a eventfull fall/winter you have had! It is great to see your cute face! I miss you!

carly said...

hooray for a new post!! but, i am you have other exciting things to share?? ;) do tell!!