Thursday, August 12, 2010

Great Grandpa Dave visits Kendall

Love at first sight!!!

My 97 year old Grandpa made the trip up to Spokane to meet his 4th great grandchild. He is SMITTEN!

First things first...s'mores!

Trying to sleep while Kendall's hard when your baby is so darn cute and you don't want to miss a moment, even if she is just sleeping!


carly said...

she is so so sweet! i need to meet her! okay, we need to plan something soon.:)

Emilie said...

She is perfect! I think I need to come visit her again!!

The Boggs Family said...

Oh you guys - she's beautiful! And TOTALLY looks just like both of you! Who do you hear she looks more like? It amazes me that even as newbies, you can often see the resemblence of the parents & in Kendall's case, that is certainly true! You look amazing - how is recovery going? Nights/sleep? Hope you both are well! Are you taking the year off? Is Keith ready to start up again?.. can't believe how fast the Summer is/has gone! Oh, and by the way, I would love to see you & meet her & yes, :), maybe sometime this Fall I can sweet talk ya into helping me paint a branch/birdie on Maggie's wall like you did in Kendall's darling room. :) Love all your house projects & hope you have been able to enjoy those terrific spaces! :) Hugs to you 3!!