Monday, August 30, 2010

"They grow up so fast" SERIOUSLY!!!

I'm reminded by people almost daily to not blink because "they grow up so fast." It's hard to believe that just over a month ago this little person was INSIDE of me! And now she can coo, and smile, and even suck her thumb. She eats like a champ and is even sleeping remarkably well for a newborn. We wrestle with being so excited for her to grow and change and yet wanting her to stay newborn forever! I suppose these mixed emotions will stick with us for the entire journey of parenthood. Here is a peek into what we've been doing with our ONE MONTH OLD!!!

Kendall's 1 month picture next to her first doll

"Hey Kendall, you're in my space (even though I sat down after you). If you keep "accidentally" hitting my tail with your arm, I will try to scratch you." And like a typical sister, Kendall went right ahead and hit Tipsy just one more time. Don't worry, I was there with the video camera to document it all...I mean, to protect my sweet daughter!

Kendall helped Marissa move into her new apartment! Riss, we all miss you terribly, but we are happy that you now have a place of your own where you can sleep without any middle of the night crying (from me, Kendall, or the cats!).
Thanks to Marissa's move, Kendall got to spend some quality time with her Papa John!

My coworker Suzy had her baby girl, Rachel, 3 weeks after Kendall arrived and they finally got to meet each other out of the wombs! I think Kendall is a little jealous of Rachel's long hair :)

Kendall loves a good swaddle, but when we check on her she has usually managed to wiggle out at least one hand, but often both arms! If we are lucky, she has successfully done this without waking herself up. However, when both hands are out they tend to start waving around without her permission and she is awake and annoyed.

Let's not forget about our cute cats!

Officially smiling (without gas!) She loves when her Daddy makes silly sounds and kisses her face with his tickley facial hair.

Sporting her cute "My Aunt is my BFF" onesie, while lovingly looking at her Auntie Riss!

Because I know "they grow up so fast" I'm fully enjoying all the snuggles I can squeeze in before I blink and she turns 18

Just love this fuzzy little head :)

"How old do you think babies have to be before they can go in a golf cart?" -Keith
Enjoying all the extra space this world outside the womb has to offer
Chillin' at Boulder Beach Silverwood
Play date with her due date buddies, Owen and Tobin (no babies actually arrived on the due date---go figure!)
The new mommies with babies looking at them adoringly

Snug as a bug in a rug---this is her bedtime get up!

Sometimes I have to take a break from eating to make this cute face while I toot!

I get so sleepy after I eat

Kendall can find her thumb and every once in a while can keep it in her mouth for a little while. Pretty cute, although I realize you can't take the thumb away like you can a binky, so we may be in trouble down the road.

It's pretty incredible that this is our child and we get to be her parents! We are enjoying each little moment...even while covered in spit up and poop at 3am :)


Amy said...

Loved all the pictures, especially the last one, sucking her thumb. Almost makes you want another one...almost. :)

The Hoogland Family said...

love it, love it, love it! I love that you get to experience the joys of motherhood with little Kendall. Love how you documented all of the cute pictures and faces! She is so cute!

carly said...

meghan, she is so cute!! i need to see her (and you!). email me your number and i will call you so we can find a time to get together!

Emilie said...

WOW! She really is growing up fast! I can't believe she's already a month old! She's such a cutie-I think baby boy McG. may end up having a crush on her on someday:)

McMurrays said...

loved seeing into your little newborn world! looks like you are loving and cherishing every minute! she is so sweet. hey i have a gift for sweet kendal need to see you all soon or send it your way!

Jen said...

I love this post! I love that K is a thumb sucker! Mia is too and, let me tell you, it can never be dropped, lost, or taken. It is always there to sooth them and I love that!!! Yes, braces later...but really, that's no biggie! :)

So glad you're all doing well!