Tuesday, October 19, 2010

3 months old

I can't believe that 3 months have already gone by. Kendall continues to be such a fun baby! At 3 months old she weighs 9lbs and 12 oz. and just outgrew her newborn clothes. She comes up with cute new tricks to show me everyday (that I'm sure no other baby has ever done before!). I seriously can't believe how blessed we are. In the past month she has started to really giggle and react to us. She knows who her mommy and daddy are, and that warms our hearts! She has recently become very talkative--hmmm, no clue where that came from? She even likes to sing with her daddy! She can play by herself and be totally content for 30 or more minutes  when surrounded by her favorite friends the penguin, turtle, caterpillar, and the mirror (I'm actually eating a breakfast now, and occasionally get a few chores in!)! But, she loves it even more when Keith or I get down and play with her. She is obsessed with putting her hands in her mouth, and even tries to put them in while she's eating. Tummy time is becoming more enjoyable now with some increased arm and neck strength. and occasionally she'll even roll to her side (very advanced, or lopsided). Oh, and she regularly sleeps 7 or 8 hours at night---she is the nicest baby ever!!! Here are a few pictures of our beautiful, joyful, amazing little girl!

a little unsure of the bumbo just yet
brings new meaning to double fistin'

really anything near her mouth goes in it!

loving the October sunshine!


Alison said...

And I bet she never cries either...can she say my name yet? I was thinking for her four month birthday, she should come visit me in New Zealand!!!

The Hoogland Family said...

oh I want to hold her so bad! When can you and Kendall come visit? In the spring maybe?

The Lochheads said...

I'm thinking our kids have a lot in common--sweet hair fuzz, slobbery fists in their mouths... :) It could be destiny... :)

Could you have Kendall tell Josh how to sleep 7-8 hours at night? Sheeesh! She's a dream girl!