Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Babies and pumpkins

To celebrate our dear friend Robyn's 30th birthday her husband Phil organized a reunion of our college roommates, along with all our new babies (and one on the way)! It was a very special time because although we've all seen each other in the past year, we haven't all seen each other all together at the same time since Krista & KJ's wedding in 2006! We kicked off the weekend with a visit to Robyn's favorite coffee shop for her favorite cinnamon rolls. While we ate, drank, and visited, the babies rolled around on the floor and stole each others binkies.

 Then we headed up to Greenbluff (of course, it's a sin not to when you are in Spokane in the fall!). You can imagine the laughter and squealing (by the parents mostly) as we posed our adorable children together in this fall scene.
 mom blogs and facebook profile pics are littered with babies & pumpkin pictures right now, I'm just adding to that today----it's irresistible!
 What's better than babies and pumpkins? Dinner at the Grandparents house! Thanks to Krista and Rebecca's parents, we were blessed to have both our group dinners hosted so that we could enjoy each others company and tend to the little ones. Of course, these Grandparents had ulterior motives of baby holding galore! Seemed like a good trade to me!
It was a fabulous weekend of catching up and baby lovin'. Thanks Robyn, for turning 30! And thanks Phil, for making Robyn's birthday wish come true for all of us!

We also had a surprise baby shower for Cora, but I don't have any great pictures of the event, so, more to come when I can snag a few cute pics from other peoples cameras :)


Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

What a special weekend! Oh, how I would have loved to see dear Robyn. How fun that you all have babies so close in age (all girls excited Cora's). Love it!

Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood said...

Oh my goodness..look at all those babies about the same age. That's crazy! What FUN! Can't wait to see pics of Cora's surprise shower :)

Alison said...

I love the pictures -- especially the last one where they're all in their car seats. It's so precious! Kind of reminds me of our church nursery days where we used to swing fussy babies in their carriers. It must be so fun to have babies similar in age at the same time -- what a great source of support and advice! I hope I'm as lucky as you are one day! Give a hug and kiss to Kendall for me!