Monday, April 25, 2011

First Easter

Although this is Kendall's first Easter it sorta feels like her second because I have such vivid memories from last Easter. The pregnancy was feeling very real at that point and we were already imagining what Easter might be like with our little baby Ross. 

We were happy the sun decided to finally show itself just in time for several Easter egg hunts. First, Kendall and I went to the home of a former student of mine & his sister who is a current student and golfer for Keith. They have a perfect backyard for an egg hunt. But Kendall wasn't very interested in the eggs, she was crazy about the grass! At first she was tentatively touching the grass, but once she figured out how to pull it out and put it in her mouth she was having a blast! That afternoon Keith and I took Kendall to the park to enjoy the sunshine. EVERYONE was at the park enjoying the sunshine!

On Sunday we helped it the church nursery---it was a packed house in there! We did get to hear snippets of the sermon, too. After church there was an Easter egg hunt for all the kids, once again Kendall couldn't care less about the eggs, instead she was eating pine needles. Later on Sunday we went to Keith's mom's neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Then Easter dinner with his family. It was a great weekend!

Liam, Rachel & Kendall (2010 Brentwood babies)

Eating grass---yum!

My teaching partner, Heather.

eating pine needles at church


More grass to eat!

Easter chick cupcakes

Wet raspberry contest with Jeter!


carly said...

happy first easter to kendall! she is so sweet meghan. :) and, the chick cupcakes are cute! good job!

Emilie said...

3 things I am obsessed with
1. Your daughter's cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Her sunglasses!
3. The cupcakes-SO cute!

Tiffany said...

OBSESSED with the sunglasses shot! Too darn cute!