Monday, May 2, 2011

Poor baby!

"Poor baby" is a phrase we've uttered a million times to, or about, Kendall this past week. She was the sickest we've ever seen her and it was miserable for everyone, but particularly her. It all started on Monday night when she threw up in the middle of the night, it seemed so random! The next day she was fine (or so we thought). I had been fighting off a cold so perhaps she caught it and the extra phlegm caused her to gag or something? Well, as it turns out, she did seem to catch that cold, along with a nasty stomach bug! Poor baby! Her little body was fighting off TWO bugs :( 

This was on Wednesday when she started off the day with two big throw ups --- on me, of course! Then she started to get stuffy and super whiny. And turns out it's exhausting trying to entertain and distract her all day (otherwise she was fussing). I couldn't go too far from her before she was sobbing "mama, mama." Little did we know what was around the corner.
If you look close you can see that this picture is of a cool snot bubble she made!

Going with the bubble theme, I pulled out these as one of my entertaining techniques.

Aslan helped out with the entertaining. Kendall sorta lost it though when he decided he was done. Hard to explain to a sick 9 month old that cats just like to do their own thing!

 I could only keep her happy for so long before she just wanted to snuggle or sleep. I have to admit, I did enjoy this part at first. Who doesn't love a snuggle bug and some down time to catch up on Oprah and Ellen?

Still so cute even as a sicky!

By Wednesday night she had thrown up again and had a high enough fever that we were concerned and took her to urgent care. They couldn't identify exactly what she was fighting off, but recommended we just do our best to keep her fever down and little body hydrated. Only problem is the she hates pedialyte and threw up formula each time we tried. It felt a little defeating.

poor baby.

When Keith got home each day I was happy to pass her off and try to accomplish something, ANYTHING! Or just get out of the house.

By Thursday diarrhea joined the party---fun for all (especially Keith the first time she went on his lap)! She was a lump all day, wouldn't play or even SMILE, and if you know Kendall, you know that is unheard of.

We learned that it's so stressful not knowing what is wrong, what to do to help, how long it will last, and when she might explode on you in some form! We felt terrible for Kendall and so badly wanted to take it away for her. On Friday Keith took a sick day to stay home with her so I could go to work. She seemed to be feeling a little better in the afternoon after spending some time with her Mimi and cousins, but later that night her fever was back and she was refusing all liquids again. 

By Saturday a cloud lifted (literally---we had sun (the warmish kind) for the first time in ages)! But Kendall's sick cloud seemed to lift a little, too. I took her out for a walk, hopeful that some fresh air would help us both. 

I think it did help! She wasn't 100% yet, but I was starting to see glimpses of the real Kendall again. Plus she no longer had a fever and hadn't thrown up since Thursday night.

On Sunday she was still sleepy most of the day, but I was no longer worried about her fluid intake, and she was starting to eat a little food, too.  That night she was incredibly fussy again and I wasn't sure what was wrong because nothing seemed to help her. I thought "OH DEAR, when will it end? "

Today (no picture evidence) she is totally herself again! PLUS a new tooth seems to be emerging! WOO HOO! She was playing, crawling, cruising, dancing, eating, drinking, smiling and laughing! 

Poor baby! 
She had a cold, a flu, and was teething. 

I'm looking forward to another normal day tomorrow. With some neurotic disinfecting of every inch of our home! 


Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

poor sweet girlie :(
Sick babies are so sad!

Hope little Kendall (and you) get some much needed rest!

The Hoogland Family said...

oh how sad! Having sick kids, especially when they are so little is SO hard! All you can do is just lay around and take one day at a time. Glad you survived!

Emilie said...

Poor Baby is right! Glad she is on the up and up!

Bethany said...

Poor thing! It really is so stressful when you don't know what is wrong and how to help them. Ella just got over the worst cold she's ever had and we had a few rough nights while she was sick. Glad Kendall is feeling better and yes, she is still such a cutie even when not feeling well!

Neal said...

oh my goodness, poor girl!:( it is so hard when they are sick and not feeling well. hopefully she is on the mend and the rest of you don't get it!

Super Angie said...

Scary!!! I can't think of anything to say besides "poor baby!"

jessithompson said...

Poor little love bug! So glad to hear she is on the mend...

The Boggs Family said...

Oh Meghan, I ache for you guys & totally know how hard it is when your sweet pea(s) don't feel well. I'm so sorry for the rough week but glad to know she is on the mend. We miss you guys & it's been fun to catch up on the life n' times of the fun Ross family here on your blog... thanks for staying in touch & the sweet comments you've left on ours. Hugs from Southern Oregon! We'll be praying good health & rest continue to improve for you guys.